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    TM: CDKey Insurance!

    TMCheats is proud to announce the inception of a new cd-key insurance policy!

    If you get banned using our hacks we will buy you a new cdkey for free!

    These are the games that our policy covers:

    Battlefield 3
    Battlefield Bad Company 2
    Battlefield 2142
    Battlefield 2
    Medal of Honor

    More games will be added to the list! The insurance can be purchased on the Subscriptions page.

    This is what the insurance covers:
    Punkbuster Bans
    Punkbuster Screenshot Bans

    This is what the insurance does NOT cover:
    Origin account bans: if you get banned from player reports you will not be eligible for a new cdkey.
    FairFight bans: FairFight is server-sided statistic based anti-cheat that we have no control over,it detects your gaming behavior hence this won't be covered;To reduce the chances you get banned by FairFight,play on FairFight disabled server or acting like legit player.
    Any ban that does not appear on the PBBans MBI such as Punkbuster Global bans.

    What do I do if I get banned?

    Go to this forum (click me) and post your pbbans link along with a screenshot that shows proof of account ownership. You can find detailed information on how to do this in the forum.

    The insurance is a separate subscription. To purchase it click here!

    Note: We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify or otherwise alter these terms and conditions at any time. Such modifications shall become effective immediately upon the posting thereof.
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