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    TM - Battlefield 3 Cheats

    All Battlefield 3 expansions/addon packs are supported!

    TMCheats Only (we are the only site that have the following features):
    • RAPID BULLETS: bullets too slow? Well not anymore!
    • SPECTATE MODE: fly around the battle to see what other players are up to, similar to the CSS spectate mode!
    • NEW: AUTO SPOT: spots all enemy players on the map, even if they are not visible!
    • NEW: MAGIC BULLET: one shot kill any player or vehicle (incl. jets, tanks etc!)
    • NEW: JET SPEED-CONTROLLER: automatically maintains a user-defined speed when in a jet!

    • Bullet Drop Correction
    • Movement Prediction
    • Frame Compensation
    • Aim point(red square around where the aimbot is aiming)
    • Auto-Switch Target Toggle
    • Visible Targets Only Toggle
    • Configurable Max Distance
    • Configurable Aim Angle(limits the aimbots aim vectors)
    • Configurable Prediction Limit
    • Configurable Aim Bones
    • Critical Distance(targets within this distance take priority over others)
    • Visibility Checks
    • Penetration Checks
    • Smart Target Selection

    • Show player names
    • Show player class
    • Show player weapon
    • Show player health
    • Show player skeleton
    • Bullet ESP
    • Ammo/Medic Kit ESP
    • C4/Claymore/Explosives ESP
    • Barrel ESP
    • Configurable Team Colors(visible, not visible)
    • Configurable Enemy Colors(visible, not visible)

    • Player Boxes
    • Custom Health Bar
    • Configurable for Team and/or Enemy

    User Info (works in hardmode):
    • User Health
    • User Ammo
    • User K/D
    • Configurable Position

    2D Radar:
    • Shows all players/vehicles
    • Configurable Colors
    • Configurable Zoom/Scale Factor
    • Configurable Position

    • Cross
    • Configurable Color
    • Configurable Size
    • Configurable Structure

    • No Spread(does not shake!), works both with and without the aimbot
    • No Recoil, works both with and without the aimbot
    • Screenshot Mode, remove all visuals (panic button)

    • Proximity Alert
    • Configurable Distance
    • Aiming At Your Warnings
    • Configurable for Visible / NotVisible Targets
    • Show Player Weapon

    Auto Knife:
    • Will knife players automatically
    • Configurable Distance

    Auto Fire:
    • Will fire at players following a strict set of rules, hit guaranteed
    • Configurable target max speed
    • Configurable target max acceleration
    • Configurable max distance

    Profile System:
    • Save Settings
    • Load Settings
    • Delete Settings
    • Auto-Load Settings


    • PB Proof
    • Clean Screenshots; punkbuster screenshots do not show the hack on it so server admins wont know you are cheating!
    • Clean Videos; our cheats can not be recorded with fraps(can be toggled on/off)!

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