Batlefield Play4Free

Mixing the best there is to offer from Battlefield 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield Heroes, this free game gathered hoards of new players worldwide because of its quality and, of course, because it’s totally free. Free or not, we specialize and are proud of our work with any FPS we put our hands on, and this is obviously no exception. So, what’s better than a state of the art free online game, filled with dozens of real-life vehicles from American and Russian forces, with a strong tactical approach and giant maps to shoot every living or moving thing? TMCheats cheats and hacks are, of course!

Since this game is based on 3 games, you can use almost every single cheat from those games. Aimbot offers you Aim at Stealthy players (toggling on and off), Bullet Drop Correction for more precise kills, Movement Prediction and for a more prompt offensive response and Configurable Max Distance, Configurable Prediction Limit and Visibility Checks for intel on targets and optimized strategic action. Then, as they say, you’ll be kicking ass and taking names in no time with the ESP hack we provide you. You’ll be able to see any player’s name, class, weapon and health status. You can also configure Team and Enemy colours for better game play experience.

Other good assets we give are the Warnings hack, for instance, which lets you know who is coming, when and how and, if by any chance anyone aims at you, you’ll get to know who and with what weapon are you up against. Configurable Distance lets you choose critical priority targets, and if they’re not showing, you’ll see them. Say goodbye to campers and snipers in your vicinity with this tool. Of course that standard hacks like 2D Radar are available so you can see all players and vehicles and resize the map to the size or scale you prefer the most, adding valuable tactical information when you need it the most. And no, we haven’t forgotten about auto-knife for the sadistic silent stalker in you, nor have we forgotten about the Crosshair hack.

Finally, and because too much carefulness is something that doesn’t exist, we have counter-server security measures so you can keep on pwning your way through the game, feeling safe as our Anti-Punkbuster protects you from the server Nazis you have heard about so much. Try the cream of online hacks and cheats at and get that edge you’ve been looking for years.