Grand Theft Auto 5 Cheats & Hacks

The worlds first GTA5 hack is here! Packed with game breaking features such as Aimbot, GodMode and Unlimited Ammo!

Update 4/5-2015
Added NoReload
Added Fast Shots
Added Instant Hit
Added godmode to cars
Added speedhack to cars
Added flyhack to cars
Added autokill to aimbot (kills npc’s without firing shots!)
Added toggle for civilian esp

Update 25/4-2015
Added fly hack
Added civilian/cop/swat esp
Added aimbot support for civilians/cops/hostiles
Fixed 2d radar

Update 24/4-2015
Added aimbot (with bone aim)
Added friends list
Added skeleton esp
Added visibility checks

Update 22/4-2015
Added Instant Kill
Added Uber Damage


Update 21/4-2015
Added NoRecoil
Added NoSpread
Added Weapon ESP
Added Speed Hack

Update 20/4-2015
Added GodMode
Added Unlimited Ammo
Added No Cops


Update 19/4-2015
Hack released