Battlefield 2142

The ice-cold times of the 22nd century know only war, thanks to the European Union (EU) and to the Pan Asian Coalition (PAC). You will need more than a simple insulated snow jacket to save your ass, and that’s where we come in. We’re always ready to provide you food, shelter, ammo and the best cheats and hacks at TMCheats, so hurry up and see what we have in stash for you, soldier.

First comes Aimbot, designed for Bullet Drop Correction, meaning your shot trajectory will always hit your target: then, Movement Prediction will provide you intel on your target’s whereabouts, so you’re always one step ahead of the enemy. Add configurable Max Distance, Configurable Aim Angle and Visibility Checks and you’ll be a mean mother ready to fane the flames!

ESP tactical training will let you know who’s a friend and who’s not, the class of each soldier, what weapon he’s using as well as what’s his life expectancy, and you will also be able to mark allies and foes with precision thanks to the Team and Enemy colours we provide you, for you to make them visible or not visible whenever you need.

You’ll be packing 2D Radar as well so you can spot any player or vehicle in your surroundings and it will let you configure them through colours; in case you’re in need to control the whole map, the 2D radar will also let you zoom and scale it to your convenience. No more ambushes and traps means you’ll live another day to blast your enemies, soldier.

Then, Warnings are also available as part of your complete training: if someone or something approaches you, you’ll know. If someone or something aims at you, you’ll know. And you’ll know what weapon is aimed at you, too, so you don’t enter a gunfight armed with a knife.

Speaking of which: there’s also the Auto Knife function available, so you can silently dispose of an enemy by backstabbing him. Prisoners is for pussies, and we both know it!

Finally, the mother of all loads is the Anti-Punkbuster hack we provide you so you’ll never fall into enemy hands; in exploitation, there’s only one exploiter, not two, so we want to make sure that you’re the exploiter and the exploited! Your game will go on and on with no risk at all for your account.

Run to the TMCheats barracks and make it fast soldier: the sooner you get the cheats and hacks, the sooner you’ll be kicking ass on the field!