Medal of Honor

If you haven’t tried improving your gaming experience with some Medal of Honor 2010 hacks yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s been a great game since it came out two years ago, and many of us are still enjoying this thirteenth installment in the Medal of Honor series. Based on real-life events in the war in Afghanistan in 2002, this favorite was formerly known as Medal of Honor: Operation Anaconda. The series has benefited enormously from this reboot after several years of limited interest. While we wait for Medal of Honor: Warfighter to take us to Somalia in a couple of weeks, here are some new ways to have fun with MoH: 2010 from TMCheats.


An aimbot is the most basic of hacks, but TMCheats goes that extra mile to make a good hack into a great hack. Their Medal of Honor: 2010 aimbot includes features like movement prediction that allows you to get the enemy in your crosshair and keep him there. There are plenty of other options that make this the best hack available, like configurable aim angle that keeps targeting enemies in a specific field. Visibility checks and penetration checks let you figure out who you can hit, and where. Get those headshots and perfect your kill-streak, courtesy of TMCheats.


Whether you use the aimbot or turn it off and aim the old fashioned way, Medal of Honor 2010 cheats remove recoil and bullet spread so you can fire every bullet in a straight line and hit your target every time. Player boxes, vehicle boxes, and custom health bars tell you everything you need to know about your enemy, and a 2-D radar will show you ever player and vehicle on the map. The fully-configurable auto fire option will guarantee a kill when an enemy falls within your exact guidelines. If he meets the criteria you set, he has a headshot waiting for him.


Every player knows the pain of being knifed in the back by an enemy, but TMCheats has an auto-knife hack that will give your would-be attacker a nasty surprise when he gets too close. You choose the distance, and the hack will do the rest. A similar hack gives you proximity warnings when other players get too close, with an option to automatically aim at whoever set off the warning. Worried about getting caught? TMCheats hacks are Punkbuster-proof, giving clean screenshots and letting you have your fun while escaping detection.