Call of Duty: Black Ops

While the world is waiting for the futuristic setting of Black Ops II, you should check out some of the amazing Call of Duty: Black Ops hacks available online. This is the best-selling game of all time, all over the world, so it’s not surprising that there is some pretty serious competition. Black Ops has attracted players from around the globe, with amazing gameplay and incredible new killstreak rewards. If you are sick of getting pwned by missiles and helicopters, it’s time to level the playing field. Some of the best Black Ops cheats are available from TMCheats, a site that helps you revolutionize your gaming experience.


The fastest way to an amazing killstreak is with a Call of Duty: Black Ops aimbot. This basic cheat automatically locks onto enemy targets, making every shot count. While there are a lot of  aimbots out there, TMCheats offers some features that make theirs the very best hack. This aimbot is fully configurable, showing a red crosshair and a name when the target has been acquired. Don’t like red? Change the size, color, and structure to suit the environment or your own mood. Set the distance at which your aimbot acquires targets, and define the range at which targets become a priority. Want to pick of some snipers before you get the more obvious targets? Aimbot is your friend. Switch between targets, and decide whether you want to aim for visible targets or anyone, anywhere. The TMCheats aimbot even lets you shoot hidden targets with precision, as long as your weapon can fire through their cover. Shooting through walls has never been so precise, or enjoyable.


Getting knifed in the back is bad, but there’s nothing more aggravating some clown sneaking up behind you with a pack of C4. If your tired of watching your back for sneaky players, try using a proximity warning hack. The one from TMCheats will warn you when other players get too close, and automatically aim at whatever set off the alert. Change the distance at which you sound the alert, and decide whether you want warning about hidden players or just the visible ones.


ESP is one of the most fine types of hacks out there. TMCheats offers an ESP hack that lets you see the names of other players, along with their skeleton, distance, rank, and weapon. Know ahead of time what you are up against. Barrel ESP also shows you what direction your enemy is looking, and snap lines can draw a line from you to them. Object ESP even shows you dropped weapons and explosive impact areas.