Redefining ownage: Planetside 2 Cheats/Aimbot.

Get Ready for PlanetSide 2

The launchdate has finally been announced, so get ready to get ahead by checking out some of the first PlanetSide 2 hacks on the internet. Available from TMCheats, these awesome tools will make this much-anticipated game even more exciting. Developed by Sony Entertainment, the sequel to 2003’s PlanetSide will feature a brand new gaming engine. Like the original, Planetside 2 will allow hundreds of players to experience the action together. The same three factions will return to fight over territory and resources on the planet Auraxis. The game is currently in the beta testing stage and will be released in November, TMCheats is already working on some helpful PlanetSide 2 cheats and tools that will enhance gameplay for newbies and experienced players alike.




A Planet Divided



For those who did not partake in the original PlanetSide, the story began with the discovery of a deep space wormhole and an inhabitable planet. Auraxis has three continents and many natural resources, and some of the plants are almost exactly like those found on Earth. The Terran Republic, which has ruled the human race for millennium unchallenged, founds a colony on Auraxis. When the wormhole collapses, the inhabitants find themselves cut off from the rest of humanity. The planet was previously home to an extremely advanced race known as the Vanu or Ancients. The remains of their technology can be found across the globe, and provide the new inhabitants with everything from high-powered weapons to molecular teleportation. Rebirthing technology allows the dead to be resurrected and disease to be eradicated.



Unlike most massive multiplayer online games, PlanetSide featured three different factions that battle each other. The sequel will bring us those same three factions, each fighting for control of the planet Auraxis. The Terran Republic are the conservative and authoritarian remains of the original government. They use military might to enforce law and order, seen as the highest cause. While the TR have a proven track record of a thousand years, they are also seen as oppressive dictators lording their might over the colonists. The success of the Terran Republic could bring lasting peace and order to Auraxis, but without the use of Vanu technology to preserve life and advance the human race. In the original game, the TR’s biggest handicap was its tendency to overuse ammunition and therefore resources.



The New Conglomerate is not nearly as organized as the TR, but they are perhaps more idealistic. Instead of order at any cost, the NC fight for freedom and democracy. They see human rights as the highest cause and are willing to fight until everyone can enjoy the same liberties. Not content with remaining a separate faction, the NC want to liberate all of humanity, whether it wants liberty or not. The New Conglomerate is sort of a loose collection of forces and individuals that share the same ideals. In the original PlanetSide, this group included assorted rebel groups, mutinous soldiers from the other two factions, and ordinary citizens. In PlanetSide 2 they have been joined by industry titans, pirates, and assorted outcasts of every kind. The original game saw the NC hampered by slow-moving vehicles, outdated but powerful weaponry, and a general lack of organization.



The Vanu Sovereignty stockpiled advanced alien technology before the major conflict began. Their faction strongly believes that this is the route to the advancement of humanity, and they were the first to secede from the Terran Republic on Auraxis. While the TR believe that the Vanu destroyed themselves with their technology, the VS believe that they used their devices to transcend their physical bodies and attain a higher existence. They are elitists, intellectuals, and academics who hope to follow in the footsteps of the ancient inhabitants. The Vanu Sovereignty use advanced alien weapons on the battlefield, and in PlanetSide 2 the acquisition of ancient artifacts is their primary motivation. The VS are willing to destroy anyone who hinders their progress.




Another Chance



PlanetSide2 is set 300 years after the discovery of the planet Auraxis, in roughly the same time period as the original PlanetSide. Like the first game, few elements will be instanced and most of the combat will take place in the same massive battlefield. Up to 2000 players at a time will be able to interact on each server. Unlike most serial MMOs that advance the storyline with each new iteration, PlanetSide2 will be a re-imagining of the original game with little progress between the two games. However, the new version is extremely well-designed and was created with a large amount of player input. Early in the development process, Sony Online Entertainment sent surveys to thousands of current and former players asking for their thoughts. The beta release can already be considered a success, with each player spending more than two hours per day on the game. PlanetSide 2 will reportedly be free to play, with a cash shop offering visual customization items. Sony Online Entertainment hopes to follow in the footsteps of League of Legends with this business model.



So what will be new in PlanetSide 2? Well, the entire game engine to begin with. Sony Online Entertainment will be debuting the Forgelight Engine, featuring nVidia’s PhysX physics engine. Auraxis will see day and night cycles and weather patterns including fog and clouds that can conceal players. Gravity will now affect bullets, making aiming a bit more difficult for those who choose not to use PlanetSide 2 cheats. Flying vehicles in particular should handle better, and ground vehicles should also see some improvements. The new game will also feature hitboxes for both players and vehicles, making precision headshots more valuable and effective than simply spraying bullets at a target.



The territory system in PlanetSide 2 will be more complex than the original game. Some sectors may be captured in vehicles, others need to be captured on foot. Skill trees will also be extremely complex, and skills will take time to learn. The class system is much broader than that of PlanetSide, and players will be able to choose from Light Assault, Heavy Assault, Medic, Engineer, Infiltrator, and Mechanized Assault roles. Players will also choose two specializations and can put points into skills like hacking. A character can switch classes at any time. Sony Online Entertainment has made several changes to classes during the beta in order to fix balance issues.



Some weapons and vehicles will be available for all classes and all empires, others will be class-specific or empire-specific. Players with high enough skills in hacking may be able to steal vehicles from other empires. As objectives are completed, players will increase their Battle Rank. A certification system will determine player capabilities, and only those with enough skill points invested will be able to use certain equipment.




Why Try PlanetSide 2 Cheats?



Like the original PlanetSide, players will be able to enjoy PlanetSide 2 solo, but will reap enormous benefits from joining an Outfit and playing with friends. Like most MMOs, players with the most time invested will have the biggest advantages. So what do you do if you want to start PlanetSide 2 and don’t have an outfit or any friends playing? You can sink enormous amounts of time into the game in the very beginning to keep yourself ahead of the competition, or you can use some PlanetSide 2 cheats to help even things up a bit. TMCheats designs hacks and tools that build on your own skill, helping you play your best and really enjoy yourself.




The World’s First PlanetSide 2 Aimbot



The PlanetSide 2 aimbot is a quintessential hack that is available for every first-person shooter on the planet. This game may still be in the beta stage, but you can be sure TMCheats already has the world’s first PlanetSide 2 aimbot ready for the release date. An aimbot moves your crosshair for you, automatically acquiring targets and allowing you to make precise headshots with incredible skill. Not all aimbots are created equal, however. Some are painfully obvious, and other players shun those who clearly allow a computer to aim for them. The TMCheats PlanetSide 2 aimbot is designed to move smoothly like a real human, keeping your crosshair from jumping erratically and safeguarding your secret. Movement prediction helps keep the enemy in your sights, and TMCheats also provides configurable angles so you can limit the aimbot to certain areas.



Unlike the original PlanetSide, headshots will be important in this game. That’s why TMCheats provides removal hacks in addition to the PlanetSide 2 aimbot. No spread means every bullet fires exactly in a straight line. Hold still, and they will all hit the same spot on your target. The physics engine in this game is designed to simulate realistic weapons fire, and that means accuracy will be much more difficult. No recoil also means that your weapon stays in the same place every time you fire it. Together, these hacks allow for much more precise firing. Conserve ammunition and become a true asset to your empire whether you use the PlanetSide 2 aimbot or not.




Know Your Enemy with our PlanetSide 2 Hacks



ESP is another of the most helpful PlanetSide 2 hacks. This allows you to see another player’s name, faction, skeleton, and what weapon they have equipped. The tool also allows you to see what direction your opponent is aiming, helping you sneak up on enemies and put your combat knife to good use. Check out your opponents health bar and see how much damage it will take to finish him off. This tool also allows you to see both player and vehicle hitboxes, allowing you to make precise killshots without any guesswork. Your Battle Rank has never increased so fast. ESP gives you and your empire an advantage over your opponents, you will know more than they do.



There are quite a few helpful PlanetSide 2 cheats in the works, but 2D radar is one of the most helpful. With 2000 players on the map at one time, you could walk into an ambush or fall victim to a sniper at any moment. 2D radar allows you to see all the players and vehicles on the map, whether they are visible or not. Set up counter-ambushes and avoid vehicles with heavy firepower. Know when a valuable asset is largely unguarded and ready to be hacked.



Use several of these PlanetSide 2 hacks together to become the ultimate sniper. The TMCheats aimbot includes features like bullet drop correction that counteracts the gravity effects of the Forgelight Engine. Penetration checks and visibility checks tell you if there is a tiny gap you can fire through to hit your opponent. You can even save and pre-load your settings so that the game is ready every time you want to play. Save time, drive up your Battle Rank, and become one of the most elite players in this brand new game.



It’s no secret that the best players in any game use tools like hacks and cheats to improve their performance. You can share in their success by getting the best tools available on the internet. TMCheats has been a leader in enhanced gameplay, providing the world’s first hacks for the most popular games in the world. PlanetSide 2 will be a revision of a great game, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t get in on the ground floor as one of the most elite players. With your own skills and hacks from TMCheats, you can become an asset to any squad, and elite lone wolf, or a great leader of Auraxis. Whether you choose to fight on the side of the Terran Republic, the New Conglomerate, or the Vanu Sovereignty, you can maximize your gameplay and enjoy the full PlanetSide 2 experience. Sony Online Entertainment has spent years bringing you the most awesome PlanetSide experience, make the most of it.


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