Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Whether you’re a newb just getting into the game, or a seasoned player looking to customize your gameplay experience, you should definitely check out some of the Modern Warfare 3 hacks available on TMCheats. Let’s face it, there are some seriously high-level players out there, and getting owned over and over can make an awesome game significantly less fun. Cheats and hacks are more common than you think, and can help you make the most of your gaming time. Level faster, beef up your killstreak, unlock those awesome weapons, and start enjoying multiplayer mode.


A Modern Warfare 3 aimbot is almost essential for anyone but the most elite players. Everyone has had the unpleasant experience of being wasted over and over by these killjoys. For those who don’t have the time or inclination to spend hours a day leveling or honing their skills, an aimbot hack helps level the playing field. Aimbots have been around almost as long as mulitplayer games, and every newly-released game has an aimbot available somewhere within a few hours. An aimbot is a standard Call of Duty hack that automatically targets enemies in your field of vision. Most aimbots will lock onto a target, but the one by TMCheats also includes movement prediction and bullet drop correction that help you get more accurate shots on difficult targets.


So what makes a good aimbot? Features make a good aimbot. A good aimbot should allow you to toggle between targets and adjust the range of target acquisition so you can get the guys that are further away if you need to. The TMCheats aimbot also includes incredible features like the ability to shoot through walls and other enemy cover that can be penetrated by your weapon. With this aimbot, every shot can be a headshot.


There are a few other hacks that can make your Call of Duty experience a lot more fun. Check out removal hacks that eliminate weapon recoil and bullet spray. You know your shots will be accurate when you fire in a straight line and every bullet hits the same place. Radar hacks can also show you every player on the screen, including those who believe they are well-hidden. Teleport, low-gravity, and god-mode hacks can really liven things up when you are the host. Want to be impervious to bullets and explosives? Feel like teleporting your to a lethal height? The TMCheats telekill can even allow you to teleport behind enemy players and backstab them before they even know you’re there. It’s your game, you can run it your way.