OUR CHEATS ARE FOR THE ARMA2OA MOD AS WELL AS THE DAYZ STANDALONE (cheats are already out for the early beta access!)

If you haven’t used some of the amazing DayZ hacks from TMCheats, you haven’t experienced the best part of the best zombie game ever made. You know it’s tough, fighting for food and resources, shooting zombies, and trying to survive. DayZ definitely has some serious players who are playing to win, so what is the newb or casual gamer to do? DayZ is a ARMA II mod designed by Dean Hall, and has become one of the most popular games of all time. Described as “brutally realistic,” DayZ has proved to be a different kind of game entirely. With a loose structure and few rules, the basic premise is to kill or be killed in a post-apocalyptic world. Most players don’t last much longer than an hour.


If the endless struggle for resources makes you wonder you even bother playing, check out some of the awesome DayZ cheats from TMCheats, they can make this pitiless universe a lot more fun. Spawn hacks are one of the most popular ways to improve your gaming experience. Instead of scrounging for items, only to get wasted five minutes into the game, you can spawn your own unlimited weapons, ammunition, and medical supplies. Want some nightvision goggles or a flashlight? With the right hack you can spawn any item you can name. The world may have gone crazy, but you’ll last at least a little bit longer against the zombies and your fellow man with the right tools.


While some players enjoy using a DayZ aimbot, others find the TMCheats radar hack to be the most useful. This allows you to see other players and zombies, vehicles and tents, weapons and other useful items, and even animals. Even if a hostile player is wearing a ghillie suite and sitting perfectly still in the dark, the radar will let you detect them before it’s too late. A good radar hack will even tell you what direction each object is moving in. ESP hacks will also tell you the name, distance, and even health for other players and zombies on the map. Easily identify potential resources, enemies, and allies.


Tired of spending ten minutes walking somewhere, only to get wasted and have to start all over again? Check out some of the awesome teleport hacks from TMCheats. Why walk to another player when you can teleport? This type of code can save you a lot of time and a lot of grief. Teleport to the nearest town, or to a marker on the map, and skip the hostile territory in between. A good teleport hack should allow you to teleport a given distance, and be customizable. The TMCheats hack will even let you use hotkeys so you can get out of trouble fast.