Team Fortress 2

The most fun and accessible MMO on the web just keeps getting better, and you can improve your own stats and unlock awesome new items fast with Team Fortress 2 cheats. Seven years in the making, most players agree that TF2 was worth the wait. Originally part of Valve’s infamous Orange Box set along with Portal and Half Life 2, the game went free-to-play last year. This was a great decision, both for the company and for players around the world. Valve claims that revenue has increased to twelve times the previous amount due to microtransactions made in-game. Players can purchase vanity items and keys to unlock found containers, but the core game can be enjoyed by anyone at no cost. TF2 has been praised for its balanced gameplay and extensive character development, and Valve has done a great job of keeping people hooked by continuously adding new items, seasonal content, and media about the game.

The “Meet the Team” videos allowed us to see the inside lives of each class. The slow but powerful Heavy feels genuine affection for his guns. The Sniper is an Australian man who rationalizes his actions as part of the job. The Medic keeps a head in his refrigerator, and if that wasn’t disturbing enough, the Pyro seems to see rainbows and laughter as he or she cheerfully lights everything on fire and burns people to death. Since the release of that particular video, Valve has introduced a number of items that can only by seen by those wearing Pyrovision goggles, including rainbow-shooting flamethrowers. These have become immensely popular, but before you buy another balloonicorn consider visiting TMCheats for some Team Fortress 2 hacks and tools instead.

Items purchased in-game for real money can’t improve your performance, but tools like the Team Fortress 2 aimbot can actually help you become a better player. This hack automatically locks onto targets for you, keeping them in your sights even when they are running or rocket-jumping all over the map. The Team Fortress 2 aimbot can turn you into a precision sniper no matter what class you are playing, and configurable options use your own skills to determine exactly where to aim. Take out Snipers and ranged weapons from great distances, and avoid spraying bullets everywhere and running out of ammunition.

TMCheats also offers a number of other Team Fortress 2 hacks that can help drive up your stats and make you the most valuable players on the team. Radar allows you to see everyone on the map, from cloaked spies to hidden Snipers. Team Fortress 2 cheats like ESP will tell you everything about another player, from their name to the weapon they have equipped. This is one of the most popular Team Fortress 2 cheats because it allows you to check what direction your opponent is looking before you try to sneak up on them. Auto Fire works with the Team Fortress 2 aimbot to eliminate targets as soon as they have been acquired. With amazing tool from