Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is the latest installation in DICE’s groundbreaking Battlefield series. This time the action has moved to China, in a direct sequel to Battlefield 3. Using the Frostbite 3 engine for superior graphics, this is action and destruction on a level you’ve never seen before. This is the thirteenth title in the series, and the Battlefield games are some of the most popular first-person shooters of all time. With seven game modes, ten maps, and an expansion, there is a lot of Battlefield 4 to experience.


DICE has chosen to focus more on the single player campaign this time around, and it shows. Play as Sgt. Recker and lead his squad out of Azerbaijan and into Shanghai when global tensions are at their highest. The character development and animations make the single player mode a little more touchy-feely and a little less formulaic. Leaderboards and stats have been added along with personal achievements that add some replay value. DICE has made single player mode a bit more like everyone’s favorite multiplayer modes, with sandbox-style scenarios that let you choose whether to be slow and sneaky or fast and loud while engaging the enemy.


Two new multiplayer modes make their debut in Battlefield 4, Obliteration and Defuse. This is where you may want to use Battlefield 4 cheats, because there are no respawns in Defuse mode, and your team is counting on you. Obliteration features a randomly-spawning bomb that either team can gain control over. The aim is to destroy all three facilities belonging to the other faction, and the bombs are worth risking everything over. Commander mode has also made a comeback, you can view the entire map and give your teammates orders. Outflank the other side if you can, but be aware that there is another player commanding them as well. Team and Squad Deathmatch, Conquest, Rush, and Domination are also included, and the expansions will bring additional modes.


The Forstbite 3 engine makes for some incredible graphics. Particle effects guarantee that all that environmental destruction kicks debris into the air. Advanced water simulation allows for realistic ocean waves, which you’ll experience firsthand on the new boats of Battlefield 4. No longer relegated to transport duty, boats are now durable craft with serious firepower. They are finally the tanks of the sea, and marine warfare has finally come to the Battlefield series.


Each multiplayer mode can be played on any of the ten maps, but the most popular is the Siege of Shanghai. Set in the heart of the city, up to 64 players at a time can wage war on the streets as well as high overhead. Destructible terrain is a big part of the game, and in the Siege of Shanghai you can collapse building interiors and entire skyscrapers with enough firepower. Battlefield 4 hacks can give you the edge you need to make it to the top of the leaderboards. A Battlefield 4 aimbot can help you build on your own skills for maximum pwnage.