Long awaited TF2 cheats are finally here!

If you’d like to make an awesome game even more fun, check out some of the incredible Team Fortress 2 hacks out there. If you haven’t played TF2 yet, you need to find out what you’re missing. Valve has created the perfect mix of objective-based team combat, superb game mechanics, and humor. All of these aspects combine into one of the most enjoyable games online. TF2 has been praised for its continuous improvement and ongoing additional content, as well as its character development. With a huge player community and an endless stream of new fans, this game is here to stay for the foreseeable future. If you’ve been finding your TF2 experience a little dull lately, liven things up with some Team Fortress 2 cheats from TMCheats.

A Bit of History

TF2 has a long and colorful history that begins all the way back in 1998. The original Team Fortress game was a mod of Quake, and was so popular that Valve bought rights. They immediately released a new version built on the Half Life engine, titled Team Fortress Classic. In 1999 Valve announced the creation of Team Fortress 2, and then proceeded to dither around for the next six years with no visible progress. Players of the original Team Fortress got progressively less optimistic about the sequel to their favorite game, and various media outlets pigeonholed the game as vaporware. After promising the launch of Teamspeak 2 and a game featuring parachute drops into enemy territory, a command hierarchy, and a bird’s eye view of the map, it seemed like TF2 was never going to arrive.

The original trailers for Team Fortress 2: Brotherhood of Arms looked much like a Call of Duty game or other realistic first-person shooter. In 2000 Valve announced that they would be switching to the Source engine, and that was the last anyone heard of TF2 for a long time. The game was rumored to have been canceled until 2006 when Valve unveiled it to the world and announced a 2007 release date. Gone were the fatigues and reasonably-proportioned weapons. Instead, the new Team Fortress 2 featured cartoonish characters and a wonderfully animated style. TF2 was released as part of the Orange Box, alongside Portal and Half Life 2: Episode Two. Each of these games has since been released individually, and the Orange Box can be considered to be one of the best collections of games ever released.

A Winning Strategy

Team Fortress 2 was an immediate hit, and for good reason. Valve also kept their players engaged with new maps, modes, weapons, and features. You could expect something new and different almost every time you logged on. In 2009, Valve made an introduction that would change the course of the game forever: hats. There were nine hats originally, one for each player class. These were equippable in the head item slot, and were purely cosmetic. Although the hats did nothing to improve player status or performance, or really do anything other than look cool, they were an immediate success. An economy instantly grew up around the hats, which could be bartered and sold among players. Additional hats were added with new patches, and a crafting mechanic was added to the game later that year.

In 2011 Team Fortress 2 became free-to-play, bringing a surge of new players that have stuck with the game ever since. Instead of paying for subscriptions, players can buy vanity items and keys to open various objects acquired in the game. These small real-money transactions help fund the game, and this business model has so far been extremely successful. The free-to-play model opens the game up to casual players who have no desire for the commitment of a monthly fee, and greatly widens the appeal and audience of an MMO. With a system like that, there’s no good reason not to try out some Team Fortress 2 cheats.

Many Modes

For those who haven’t played yet, TF2 features a variety of different game modes, though not all of them are available at the same time. Capture the Flag mode involves each team receiving a briefcase of intelligence which they must maintain control of while attempting to acquire the other team’s intelligence. Control Point and Territorial Control modes involve attempting to gain control of specific areas or places on the map. In King of the Hill mode both teams fight for control of the same point. Payload mode involves defending a cart on a track while moving it to a certain point. Arena mode pits teams against each other in a deathmatch, and players do not respawn. Medieval modes only allows players to use weapons like swords and bows and arrows. Boss mode is a special event-only mode with a boss map. The current boss mode is a Halloween-themed event.

In the summer of 2012, Valve introduced a new cooperative mode called Mann versus Machine. Six players must defend a structure against NPC robots. Killing these enemies earns you credits that you can then use to upgrade your gear. Mann versus Machine has been a wildly popular new addition to the Team Fortress 2 world, and has driven the number of players up even further. TF2 is widely considered to be one of the most popular, accessible, and downright fun games on the web.

Classes and Characters

Valve has also been widely praised for the characterization of each of the nine classes. While the characters themselves do not vary much in appearance, Valve has spent years giving fans insight into the minds of each of these people. Players who wish to take an offensive role in the battle can choose between the Scout, Soldier, and Pyro. Defensive classes include the Demoman, Heavy, and Engineer. Those who wish to lend support to their team can be a Medic, Sniper, or Spy. Each class has unique weapons, abilities, and of course, hats.

The Scout is characterized as a baseball fan, his strengths are speed and agility, and he can weild a baseball bat in addition to light arms. The Scout is particularly vulnerable to damage and can perform double jumps to escape. The Soldier is described as a proud military man who has never actually served in the Army. He can use a shotgun, a shovel, and a rocket launcher that also allows him to aim at the ground and propel himself into a jump. The Soldier is considerably slower and heavier than the Scout. The Pyro has been characterized as mentally unstable, clad in a fire-proof suit and gas mask at all times so that no part of the character can be seen. The Pyro can use a fire axe, a shotgun, and a flame-thrower that can also shoot air and extinguish fires.

The Heavy is a large man with a Russian accent. He is genuinely affectionate towards his weapons, which include a machine gun, a massive machinegun, and his fists. The Heavy is the slowest class and can also sustain the most damage. The Engineer is a Texan man who uses a wrench, shotgun, or pistol. He can also build sentry guns, health and ammunition dispensers, and teleporters. The Demoman has a Scottish accent and can use a glass bottle, grenade, or bomb launcher to set traps for enemies.

The Spy can stab enemies with a hidden knife, destroy engineering devices, disguise himself as other players, and cloak himself from sight briefly. The Spy also uses a standard handgun, while the Medic is equipped with a bone saw and syringe gun in addition to his healing gun that can be used on teammates. The Sniper is equipped with a submachine gun and a rifle with a laser sight. Each class has strengths and weaknesses, making it beneficial to have a balanced team. Valve’s “Meet the Team” videos have delved further into the character of each class to the great delight of fans.

The Essential TF2 Aimbot

Valve keeps track of a number of different player stats, including damage inflicted per round and most points obtained in a single life. TMCheats has a number of Team Fortress 2 cheats and tools that can help you improve your stats and unlock specialty items faster. The Team Fortress 2 aimbot is an excellent addition to your Sniper or Heavy arsenal. An aimbot automatically moves your cursor and acquires targets for you. While some aimbots are ridiculously obvious and easy to spot, the TMCheats Team Fortress 2 aimbot moves smoothly and naturally, like a real person. Smart target selection and configurable aim parameters help you take out only the guys you want to hit. Whether you are defending a doorway or standing atop a building and picking off opponents far below, the Team Fortress 2 aimbot can make every shot count. Save ammunition, and be a real asset to your team.

Other Team Fortress 2 Hacks and Tools

Radar is another one of the Team Fortress 2 hacks available from TMCheats. This tool can show you every player on the map, including cloaked spies. Find out where the engineers are setting up sentry guns, take out snipers before they even know you’re there, and avoid traps left by Demomen. 2D radar lets you see everyone, even the ones who think they are hidden. With this information your team can be unstoppable. ESP is a similar but slightly different addition to the list of Team Fortress 2 cheats. This tool can tell you everything you need to know about another player. See their name and how far they are from your position. Know exactly where you need to hit them to make the kill, and draw a straight line from your position to theirs. ESP can tell you what weapon a player has equipped, and what direction they are pointing it. Sneak up on Snipers and Engineers without any warning. See their health bar and know whether they are at full health or just have a few hit points left.

Proximity warnings are one of the most useful Team Fortress 2 cheats out there. These prevent enemy players from sneaking up on you by letting you know when someone gets too close. Because there are a number of different maps and roles to fill, TMCheats lets you configure this tool to fit your own situation. Set the distance at which the warning triggers, and choose whether you want to automatically aim at whatever set off the warning. Autofire is another feature of the Team Fortress 2 aimbot that works well with proximity warnings. This tool will automatically fire when the aimbot has acquired a target. Together, these tools ensure that anyone trying to sneak up on you gets a big surprise.

Making a Great Game Awesome

The Shitlist is one of the most rewarding Team Fortress 2 hacks out there. Before a round, you can add enemy players to your Hitlist. When you use the aimbot, the tool will prioritize these targets. Take out your enemies, serious threats, and those annoying players that are so hard to avoid. Never get taken out by a broken bottle or an entrenching tool ever again. TMCheats has a number of other fun and helpful Team Fortress 2 cheats, including a speed hack that lets your Heavy move faster than ever, and a bunny hop hack that allows you to leap further with every jump. Eliminate recoil and bullet spread, steal another player’s name, and save all your favorite setting so they’re ready to go the next time you play. Team Fortress 2 hacks build on your own skill to help you build your stats and unlock the most fun items faster. With a free-to-play game there’s no reason not to try out some of the hacks and tools that can improve your performance. TMCheats has some

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