Counter Strike Source

If you are sick of getting owned and want to get more headshots, you should check out some of the awesome Counter Strike: Source hacks available from TMCheats. Let’s face it, Counter Strike isn’t like other games. Unlike Team Fortress 2 and plenty of other first person shooters, you don’t get to respawn right after you get ganked. Once you’re out, you’re out until the next round. While this mechanic makes Counter Strike a very different kind of experience, it can also make for some seriously frustrating gameplay. Nobody likes getting headshotted at the beginning of the round, and the more opponents you can eliminate, the better chance your team has of completing your objective.


So how can you stay in the game when everyone around you seems to be faster, deadlier, and more accurate than you? That’s where TMCheats and their amazing Counter Strike: Source cheats can help. TMCheats offers an aimbot that puts all other aimbots to shame. If you’ve ever encountered a substandard aimbot on the playing field, you probably remember how obvious it was. Unlike some of the other cheats out there, the TMCheats aimbot offers a smooth aim that looks totally natural. While your opponents won’t know your secret, you’ll also appreciate the movement prediction and frame compensation, and the ability to toggle between targets effortlessly. The red crosshair clearly show you which target you have lined up next, along with the name of that target. Focus on visible targets or everyone, or see all targets along with visibility and penetration checks.


How else can TMCheats improve your Counter Strike: Source experience? How about no recoil or bullet spread? Removal hacks eliminate the worst effects so that every shot is clean and accurate. Want to get rid of flash, smoke, or fog? They’ve got you covered. For faster and easier headshots, you can even configure the aimbot to automatically fire when it acquires a target, or do the aiming yourself and use the Triggerbot to fire the moment you catch an enemy in your crosshair.


Of course, the best thing about hacks like the ones from TMCheats is the versatility they offer. You can decide which features to use, and when. You can save your setting and load them automatically or manually depending on how you want to play today. With the right hacks, you are in full control off your experience, with as much or as little assistance as you need.