Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Spread the word: Preacher is back. As is Medal of Honor with its tentative second chapter, Warfighter. After years of overseas deployment, Preacher returns home to a devastated family because of his absence, but with escalating terrorism and civil wars all over the world, it’s not time to lay the guns to rest yet. This eagerly awaited sequel boasts new weapons, tactics, scenarios and, most of all, 10 of the most fearful special forces factions to play with: Spetsnaz, Seal, SAS, GROM, SOG, SFOD-D, UDT, KSK, FSK/HJK… don’t worry, you’ll have an assorted heap of the World’s most dangerous and war trained wolves at your disposal to raise serious hell! But as a pro gamer you are, you know that being good doesn’t cut it. You have to be THE BEST!

Having that in mind, and because all of us at TMCheats fight for hours long testing who’s king of the hill, we figured that skills are good in Medal of Honor: Warfighter, but those skills allied to our prime-cut cheats and hacks turn good into GOD. We present you diverse tricks like Aimbot, with which you can tweak Bullet Drop Correction, Movement Prediction, Smart Target Selection or even Configurable Aim Bones, and then there’s ESP to help you figure out who’s who by showing players names, as well as weapons, classes and health.

We removed some realistic features like the shake and recoil of your weapon with the No Recoil and No Spread cheats for sharper accuracy, so those Medal of Honor: Warfighter headshots keep on rolling. Warnings, Auto-Knife, Auto-Fire, Profile System and the brand new Spectator Mode (where you can stroll around the map with your arrow keys using your own customizable speed)… these are just a few of all the enhancements we provide you for a gaming experience filled with satisfaction (and kill rates that will leave your friends green with envy!).

Most important of all, we devised an ingenious protection for your cd-key, the Anti-Punkbuster feature, and be not afraid: IT WORKS! Many claims have surfaced recently regarding the controversial use of Anti-Punkbuster, as it’s considered this and that, so whenever you hear Punkbuster is infallible, don’t be fooled, we have the proof to convince you and show you that bans are a thing of the past.

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