Battlefield 3

If your Battlefield 3 experience isn’t as much fun as it should be, you should probably consider trying some of the awesome BF3 hacks available on TMCheats. Battlefield 3 is one of the most popular online multi-player games out there, and let’s face it, somebody is always going to be better than you. If you’re tired of losing all the time, getting wasted by snipers and sneak attacks, and missing out on in-game achievements, you definitely want to see some of these cheat codes in action. Most hacks are customizable and offer options that can completely change your gameplay experience. Why ragequit when you can ragekill?


The aimbot is one of the most popular BF3 cheats because it helps you get the enemy in your crosshairs and keep him there. More than just auto-targeting anything on your screen, the aimbot actually predicts the movement of the target and lets you toggle between targets. You can even set and adjust the range to focus on snipers in the distance, engineers, vehicles, or guys close up.


The BF3 aimbot becomes even more powerful when combined with the TMCheats radar hack. This cheat allows you to view all enemy players on the map, even those who are well-hidden. The radar can analyze the terrain and allows you to fire on those hidden opponents when your weapon is capable of destroying and firing through the obstacle. For added weapon accuracy and improved sniping, check out the no-spread hack that keeps all your bullets traveling in a straight line, and the no-recoil hack. Add the insta-kill hack to make sure every bullet is 100% deadly.


If your sick of some idiot sneaking up behind you and taking you out with a knife, C4, or even a defibrillator, check out the auto-knife hack. This awesome cheat allows you to automatically slash anyone who gets too close. Enemies will learn the hard way to keep their distance. For those days when you just want to watch the world burn, experience the rage hack. This amazing cheat automatically targets and shoots everyone and everything in range. Combined with some of the above-mentioned hacks, you can rage-kill entire armies within minutes. Your Battlefield 3 experience has never been so satisfying.


Worried about getting caught, banned, or losing your CD key? All you need is the PunkBuster Safe hack from TMCheats. This prevents DICE’s anti-hack software, PunkBuster, from scanning your game for mods. When PunkBuster tries to get a screenshot of your game, this helpful hack makes sure it gets a blank screen. Run your game, your way.