Battlefield Hardline Cheats & Hacks

Update 3/2/2015: Hack now works on the beta!


After you sign up for the beta, be sure to pick up some Battlefield Hardline cheats to make the most of this urban shooter. Dead Space fans will be pleased to find that Visceral Studios created the single player mode for this cops and robbers iteration of Battlefield, set on the sprawling streets of Los Angeles. DICE is providing the multiplayer, so classic Battlefield fans won’t be disappointed. Expect to see all the “Battlefield moments” that come with the Frostbite engine, but with cars and armored SWAT vehicles rather than tanks.


Like Bad Company, Hardline brings a different flavor to the Battlefield table. This game is brimming with little details that make the urban landscape more fun than anything you’ve seen before. Grappling hooks allow players to scale walls and access rooftops. Zip lines make crossing the street an adventure. The map isn’t as big as many Battlefield playgrounds, but multilevel parking garages and freeway interchanges provide plenty of vertical space to roam. Hardline also incorporates BF4’s Levolution mechanic, allowing players to make massive changes to the map by triggering events that include topping a construction crane. Four new game modes have been introduced, including a car chase and a hostage rescue.


The Battlefield Hardline aimbot is an essential piece of equipment for any cop or criminal, this Hardline cheat automatically acquires targets even in the craziest firefight. The TM Cheats Battlefield Hardline aimbot is designed to look like a real person aiming, not a computer, keeping your advantage under wraps. This is the most advanced targeting aid out there, with movement prediction, bullet drop correction, and a range of options that allow for unparalleled customization. Combined with the Instant Kill feature, you will be unstoppable.


Weapon Unlock is another one of the most essential Battlefield Hardline cheats. Speed up your game progression and save you hard-earned cash by unlocking everything immediately. No waiting, no paying, just an arsenal at your fingertips. Use the ESP hack to see what your enemies are doing while you plot their demise. This feature shows you everyone’s name, class, weapon, health, and which way their weapon is pointing. Customize team and enemy colors as well as player boxes.


Want to do your own aiming? Battlefield Hardline hacks from TM Cheats allow you to customize your crosshair for maximum visibility. Removal hacks can eliminate bullet spread, recoil, and sniper sway for a perfect shot every time. Switch to screenshot mode to catch all the action without giving anything away. Alerts can keep anyone from sneaking up on you, with proximity warnings and the option to automatically knife the bastard when he gets in range. Your enemies won’t know what hit them, and your team won’t know how you do it. Worried about your account? These Hardline hacks are PunkBuster-proof, with clean screenshots and clean video so you can share your exploits with the world. Battlefield Hardline is a fresh new take on everyone’s favorite shooter, and with TM Cheats you can already leave everyone else in the dust.