Infestation (Warz)

If you are ready to check out the newly-launched zombie horror survival game, get an edge over the competition with some of the groundbreaking The War Z hacks available from TMCheats. This open world next-generation survival game is the first major competitor for Day-Z, and developer Hammerpoint Interactive is hoping to create the same gritty playstyle that pits gamers against both zombies and other players. Scavenge for resources, make shaky alliances, and try to survive in a hostile persistent world. Unlike a lot of hot new games, The War Z is designed to run on less-than ideal systems and even laptops so that nearly anyone can play. With a one-time fee and no paid updates, a lot of people are going to be shooting zombies and scrounging for supplies in this 400 square kilometer world. TMCheats can help you survive, thrive, and maximize your gaming time.

This game has no classes and no levels, but it does have state-of-the-art cheat protection, which means there aren’t a whole lot of sites offering hacks for it. Fortunately, TMCheats has saved the day by cracking Hammerpoint Interactive’s anti-cheat before any other site. They offer the world’s first and only The War Z cheats, helping players leap ahead of the competition before the game even sees an international release. Start pwning the competition right now, with a screenshot cleaner and a memory scan bypass keeping you safe.

TMCheats is proud to offer the only The War Z aimbot on the internet, and this isn’t your average aimbot. Besides just acquiring targets and wasting them, you can also activate Ninja Mode and teleport behind them to finish the kill. Configure the aimbot to stick to targets in a certain range, avoid acquiring targets in a specific area, and check whether you can fire through an obstacle before pwning a hidden target. Switch targets automatically, and decide whether you’d prefer to aim only at visible opponents. Aimbots from TMCheats are designed to move smoothly so they look like a real person is aiming instead of a computer. The competition will think you are just naturally awesome.

ESP is another excellent tool offered by TMCheats. You have an advantage when you know something the other players don’t know, and the ESP hack can tell you someone’s player name, what weapon they have equipped, their skeleton, and how far they are from you. See a straight line from your position to theirs, a watch their health bar so you know how long they have left. Object ESP also helps you spot weapons and useful items on the ground. With the right advantages you can rule the world of The War Z.