War Inc. Battlezone

If you haven’t checked out some of the amazing War Inc. Battlezone hacks out there, you should stop by TMCheats and see what they have to offer. We know, this is one of the most amazing first person shooters out there. With weapon customization and a near-infinite selection of personalized character options, Battlezone is all about playing your game, your way. Sure, there isn’t any award-winning music goin on in the background, but some of the maps are amazing. War Inc. Battlezone is a very different game that has gotten a lot of attention around the internet. Many players have admitted that the higher levels are somewhat overpowered, making this a difficult game to enjoy if you haven’t already been playing for a while.

So how can you join the fun without grinding through that frustrating newbie phase? That’s where War Inc. Battlezone cheats come into play. These hacks will let you jump into the thick of things without suffering at the hands of overpowered veteran players. TMCheats has some unique hacks that make gameplay awesome. Ninja Mode is an awesome cheat that allows you to instantly teleport behind an enemy player when you target him. Your opponent won’t know what hit him. Instant reload is another hack that saves you time and keeps the kills coming. Instead of wasting time reloading, this cheat code will keep your weapon ready to fire at all times.

Of course, TMCheats offers a War Inc. Battlezone aimbot, this is a standard hack that is used by most of the best players. While some aimbots are painfully obvious as they jerk from target to target, the one from TMCheats is designed to aim smoothly and look just like a real human is behind it. Along with the legendary Ninja Mode, there are a bunch of configurable options that allow you to choose exactly which targets you would like to eliminate first. Movement prediction and frame compensation help keep the enemy in your crosshair so that every shot is a kill.

ESP is another fun hack that can give you an edge over higher level players with information they don’t have. This hack will show you another player’s name and weapon along with their skeleton and distance from your position. See their health bar and know how close you are to finishing them off. With barrel ESP you can check what direction an enemy player is looking before you try to sneak up on them. You can configure colors for your team and the enemy team to avoid taking out your friends while fragging. War Inc. Battlezone is all about playing your way, and TMCheats helps you get the most out of the game from the very beginning.