Battlefield Bad Company 2

Of all the Battlefield expansions, none beats Bad Company 2, for its realism, violence and all those tweaks that transport you back to ‘Nam in the 60’s. Yeah, we know, DICE just rocks when it comes to FPS’s! But there’s no other site like TMCheats to juice up your character: when it comes to hacks and cheats, we kick the shit out of everyone on the scene. That’s why we’ve prepared exclusively for you the hottest hacks around so you can win the battle for the good old U.S of A.

Aimbot is your new best friend when it comes to staying alive: Ghost Aim, Auto-Switch target for optimal killing performance, Bullet Drop Correction ignores physics and turns you into a sharp shooter, Movement Prediction puts you ahead of the game by knowing where and when to strike, Critical Distance for target priority, Penetration Checks, Smart Target selection, UAV Support… the list goes on and on. One man army has taken a whole new meaning!

ESP and Sphere ESP allows you to know who’s who on the battlefield, what weapons and classes are in use, as well as names and even skeletons; grenades, missiles, mortar… Charlie’s screwed; he just doesn’t know it yet. To spice it a little more, Box ESP provides you medpacks, dropped weapons, vehicle boxes, ammo and grenades, just in case you don’t feel like running on low ammo or on low life, which is always a good idea.

We also added new features like the Spectate Mode, which you can use to stroll around each map and observe. Additional hacks or cheats like Removals (which offers No Recoil and No Spread so each bullet counts) and the Autofire mode for guaranteed kills and configurable max distance, speed and acceleration are available and work with Aimbot also, so variety is a high in what we offer you. Furthermore, classic hacks and sheets like Autofire, 2D Radar, Crosshairs, User Info and Profile System will allow you to cook the entire Cambodia with fresh napalm. Fuck Tarzan, YOU are the new king of the jungle!

Finally, and thanks to our smart Anti-Punkbuster guerrilla tactics, Victor Charlie will never take you down. TMCheats knows how important your account is, so our efforts on protecting it are epic and ongoing.

So pick up your M-16 and let’s take a walk in the jungle. You’re with good company.