Battlefield Heroes

Here’s some good news for you Battlefield Heroes addicts in the trenches: TMCheats is ready to pump and spike your adrenalin levels with the coolest and deadliest weapons and training there are, so your fighting experience goes off the chart! It’s kill or be killed, and you surely aren’t going to be the later, son!

First of all, our Aimbot all-in-one utility belt provides you just what you need to have the ultimate edge upon your enemy: Bullet Drop Correction for optimal ass wiping, Movement Prediction for the best info on jumping and strafing smart asses, Aiming at stealthy predators so they become the prey and, amongst many others, Visibility Checks for you to know what the hell is going on whenever you need to!

The Warnings hack is also very valuable for a soldier, as you know that the spawning system of this game puts you as close as possible to a battle: it warns you on any enemy player or vehicle near you with the Proximity Alert feature, as well as when someone or something is aiming at you and with what weapons. You can also use this hack to configure a convenient distance that you like, and the overall use of this pack will guarantee success over all other noobs.

If you ally the 2D radar at your disposal to the Warnings hack, all hell breaks loose, as you’ll get relevant info on all players and vehicles, and you can conveniently configure sizes and structures for a better control of any given situation.

Then, there’s ESP for the masses. This cheat lets you know EVERYTHING about another player: name, class, weapon, health, where did he go to school and your favourite: his blood type, which will be “type spilled all over” if you use it allied to the Bullet Drop Correction of the Aimbot hack, for example. He’s using a knife? Cool, use a grenade on him! His name is unknown to you? He’s dead meat, then! He’s a slow Gunner, is he? Great, circle around him with your very fast Commando to knife hack him to death! After he’s dead, who cares what school did he go to anyway?

Besides these main hacks, there’s plenty more others for you to discover at our site, like Boxes, CrossHair and AutoKnife. Besides, out Anti-Punkbuster feature will make your playing safe and control free. Give us a go and your char will grow!