Battlefield 2

You all know what BF2 is about: fight the commies, fight the Chinese, the European Union, fight the Middle East Coalition’s towel heads and the Americans as well, not forgetting the Brits. With so many factions available, you know you have a big task ahead of you if you want to master all of them… or do you? You know it better than we do: you’re tired of getting raped by spawns and for that you need a competitive edge. Say no more: instead of one, we provide you several edges for sweet revenge and, of course, maximum killing capacity. TMCheats likes to save you time on being the best, and that’s why we have in store for you the hottest finger licking battlefield 2 hacks and cheats to enhance your gaming experience as no other site can offer you, that’s our Scout’s promise!

Let’s start the onslaught with the Battlefield 2 Aimbot hack: it offers your bullet drop correction for improved stability, configurable max distance and the sweetest of all, movement prediction, so no jumping and strafing adept fools you, between others. Then, ESP for the win: you will be able to see all players’ names, their classes, which weapons are they using and how their health status is, and you can also assign your team mates and enemies configurable colours so you don’t wipe a buddy in the middle of your rampage.

Things will only get even sweeter with the Warnings system we’ve pulled just for you: every time a loser aims at you or gets in your vicinity, you get a notification about that. You’ll also know which weapon is he using, and you can configure this for visible and non visible targets as well.

If you’re more like the control freak type of guy, you can use the 2D radar for maximum information, as you will be able to see every single player and vehicle, with configurable colours and also zoom and scale factor for full control of the map. We’ve got some more in store for you to discover at our site, like the Boxes cheat, Auto Knife, Profile System, etc. but the most valuable asset you will get from us is a totally safe way of playing online without being screwed, as we offer you a very secure and ban-free Anti-Punkbuster feature to assure you your account will always be our biggest concern.