Killer Battlefield 4 Cheats, Aimbot and Multihack!

DICE has done it again, and the thirteenth installment of the Battlefield series might be the best ever. This is one of the most popular military shooters of all time, and for good reason. Developer DICE is committed to giving their fans what they want, and each title they produce is a masterpiece. Featuring next-generation graphics and filled with explosions and destruction, Battlefield 4 is visually stunning and exhilarating. With three playable factions, four classes, and an enhanced single player mode, first-person shooter fans won’t want to miss this one. If you only play one new game this fall, skip Call of Duty: Ghosts and go straight to Battlefield 4.


In multiplayer mode, players can choose between three different factions and fight on the side of the United States, Russia, or China. Up to 64 players can join at a time, for some seriously epic battles. We haven’t seen Commander Mode in a Battlefield game since Battlefield 2142, but it’s back by popular demand this time. Use a real time strategy view of the map to organize your forces and give orders to your teammates. Try to anticipate the enemy’s next move and outmaneuver him with quick decision-making. All the classic multiplayer modes are included as well, so you can be sure nothing is missing from the experience.


In classic Conquest you can fight the opposing team to capture and hold points across the map. Team Deathmatch has the two sides tearing into each other in an attempt to reach the designated kill limit first. Squad Deathmatch is slightly more organized, you’ll be working as part of a team of four to kill the other squads 50 times. Rush mode is similar to Conquest, but faster-paced as one team attempts to destroy an objective while the other team tries to protect the same. Conquest Domination is another action-packed mode where the flags can be taken much faster than in classic Conquest, making this game mode ideal for spectator play in the e-sports arena.


Defuse and Obliteration are the two new modes introduced with Battlefield 4. Obliteration features randomly-spawning bombs that can be captured and planted in strategic enemy locations. The battlegrounds are mid-sized and the action is rapid and tense. The winning team is the side that manages to destroy all three of the enemy locations, and the bomb can be central to your success. This is definitely one of the most intense Battlefield modes yet, and Battlefield 4 hacks can make sure you have all the tools you need to get the job done.


The second new multiplayer mode that debuted with Battlefield 4 is Defuse, also known as no-respawn mode. This one also revolves around a bomb, but Infantry is the only class invited. Players cannot respawn, so this is where the right Battlefield 4 cheats can really make or break the match. You only get one chance to help your team, and there are no second chances. Players have called Defuse reminiscent of Counter Strike, and definitely in a good way.


Battlefield 4 features ten maps, but more are sure to come with the planned DLC. The Siege of Shanghai may be the most popular so far, with a major metropolitan landscape including skyscrapers. Hit one the right way and you can bring the entire thing crashing down, Battlefield 4 features the same destructible terrain you’ve come to love in the previous games. All ten maps support all seven multiplayer modes, which should delight any serious Battlefield fan.


Multiplayer mode features the same four classes found in previous games. Assault class will now be armed with first aid packs, and defibrillators will have a charge time before they can be used. Support class is still armed with its trusty C4 and claymores, and the Recon class will be able to use these as well. The Engineer class has a new focus on close quarters play, and their carbines have been replaced with personal defense weapons instead. A Battlefield 4 aimbot can make any of these classes virtually unstoppable, and a lot more fun.


Battlefield 4 will come with a fleet of vehicles, including boats that are actually useful. The watercraft found in previous games have been undervalued and plagued with poor handling and minimal defenses. Until now, a boat was just a way to get from one place to another while desperately trying not to get shot. With Battlefield 4, boats have become a force to be reckoned with. These are durable vehicles armed with a 30mm cannon and a missile launcher. With surface-to-air missiles, boats now hold a place in your heart similar to tanks.


Vehicle customization has been a favorite perk for Battlefield players, and this game even manages to improve it a little. Redundant options for gunners and pilots have been assigned to one position or the other, so you no longer need to worry that you’ve both chosen Stealth. Of course, the usual tanks, jets, helicopters, and infantry vehicles will be making appearances as well.


DICE has made a major effort to make the single player campaign in Battlefield 4 stand out. No longer just a boring story about a bunch of identical guys in fatigues, the campaign begins six years after the events of Battlefield 3. Sergeant Daniel Recker is a member of United States Special Operations squad Tombstone. The mission begins with “Fishing in Baku”, where Tombstone Squad has just escaped Azerbaijan with intelligence from a defecting Russian general. Now the Russian special forces are closing in, and Recker and his squad mates may not make it out of the city alive.


From there the single player campaign moves to China, where international tensions are running high between the US, Russia, and China. Tombstone Squad is supposed to be rescuing various people from Shanghai before the conflict breaks into war. Character development is a major element of this storyline, and the developers at DICE want players to truly identify with Recker and his squad mates Dunn, Irish, Pac, and Ruger. The next-generation graphics are evident in the facial expressions, skin shading, and full body animations of these characters. You’ll be playing as Sgt. Recker, but you’ll also have some control over the rest of the squad. Feel free to order them to engage enemies or lay down suppressing fire while you try flanking maneuvers.


If single player mode isn’t your thing, DICE has you covered. In an effort to make gameplay more fun for multiplayer fans, they’ve included some of the most fun elements in single player mode. Leaderboards and stat tracking can give you bragging rights, while social challenges can make for friendly competition and more reasons to play again. This campaign is anything but linear, with multiple vehicles available so you can choose how to engage the enemy. Single player mode is basically a series of small sandboxes with multiple options and possibilities and cinematics in between.


Battlefield 4 runs of DICE’s Frostbite 3 engine, which features particle effects, reflective surfaces, and incredibly realistic water action. Get ready for some serious ocean waves when you take to the seas in those new and improved boats. If you do manage to take down a skyscraper or two, expect to see a ton of debris kicked up into the air. The environment is certainly more responsive to player movement and actions, and that doesn’t just include the fantastic destruction. Urban areas can surprise you with car alarms, while in wild areas you risk startling wild animals. Move too fast or too carelessly and you’ll give away your position to the enemy. Learn the territory and you’ll gain the advantage.


One of the most unusual and unique aspects of Battlefield 4 is the Battlelog app you can run on your iPad or Android tablet while you play. This gives you the effect of a second screen, allowing you to monitor servers, check your inventory, or just have an awesome mini map without ever having to leave the main screen. This is almost as useful as the Battlefield 4 hacks available from TM Cheats at helping you know what’s going on ahead of time. While offline you can see which servers are busy and check out the leaderboards from anywhere. It’s worth noting that DICE already has the ability to run Battlefield 3 on a tablet, and we could be playing Battlefield 4 while waiting at the bus stop in a few months.


With such enormous battles raging across so many different maps, it can help to have some extra tools on hand. A Battlefield 4 aimbot can help you take down the enemy quickly and cleanly, making you a valued member of your squad. Pair the Battlefield 4 aimbot with a wall hack and you’ll be able to fire through anything. Your enemy may think he is under cover, but he won’t be anymore. ESP can also help you stay in the game and avoid ambushes by allowing you to see everything in the game at once. When you know where all the vehicles and other players are, you’ll be unstoppable. Try Battlefield 4 cheats like the proximity alert to prevent anyone from sneaking up behind you, and use the auto-knife feature to give him a big surprise.


Removal tools like can build on your own skills for maximum ownage. No spread and no recoil can greatly improve your aim even if you don’t use a Battlefield 4 aimbot. The rapid bullet hack can speed up your rate of fire dramatically, and the magic bullet hack turns every shot into an instant kill no matter what your weapon, ammo, or target is. For Commander mode, try using spectate mode to check out the action for yourself before deploying your troops.


Air vehicles can be difficult to control for even the most skilled players, and that is why the jet-speed controller is one of the most popular Battlefield 4 cheats. This tool keeps your craft flying at whatever speed you determine, smoothing out the ride and allowing you to focus on more than just staying in the air. It’s your game and you should enjoy it.


DICE is planning five different expansions for Battlefield 4, and the first one is on the way. China Rising will introduce four new maps featuring the vast Chinese mainland. The maps are spectacular, with soaring peaks and waterfalls that are almost certainly destructible. Some of the favorite concepts from Battlefield 2 could reappear in this expansion. There will certainly be new vehicles to control and possibly new game modes as well. DICE has confirmed that the first expansion will introduce some high-tech gear to the game.

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