War Inc Battlezone Cheats, because classics never get old!

War Inc. Battlezone Cheats, Hacks and Aimbot!

In 2008, a major financial crisis shook the world, and its effects dragged for four years, generating sets and problems culminating in the dissolution of many governments. This created a state of total anarchy in some countries, and international relations only worsened as distrust grew.

With governments ignoring solutions that sought the good of the nation rather than personal gain, politicians began to hire mercenaries and paramilitary groups, to achieve their financial goals – and also to have a scapegoat to blame the dirty work on. In this chaotic scenario, turning into an enforcer became the most profitable day and night job, leading many people to it to survive. The game provides the smart way of making all users battle against each other on equal terms, leveling and thus bringing a balanced game play for both sides whether we’re talking about a free or premium user. That’s tough though, as we at TMCheats don’t ever root for the underdog when we’re playing, especially since anyone playing with our complete and pro hacks and cheats will never be an underdog anyway, so why bother? You can choose between 4 classes:

1)    Assault – this class moves faster, carries more armor and retains speed

2)    Medic –  it has added health and healing abilities

3)    Recon – it detects enemies more efficiently and has stealth abilities

4)    Engineer possesses higher skills using explosives

So pick your favorite one and lock ‘n’ load as you’re in for a hell of an experience!


Well, it’s free to try, so why not? Would you suggest it to me?

We not only suggest it as we also encourage you to try it, as besides being free like you mentioned, it’s a hell of a game as well, with some differences from other FPS’s and TPS’s too. The graphics reminded us instantly of BF3, with big assed maps and destruction, and the extras are also pretty impressive: full customization of all kinds of weapons enables you to create your own set of unique weaponry and the skills menu lets you assign the points that you win by leveling to boost your character’s thick hide and also provides you ways of learning new skills so you can adapt to the deadly environment you’re in. You have 3 classic game modes: Deathmatch, Conquest and Sabotage. Deathmatch makes your team battle another one until one team has been decimated, while Conquest makes both teams capture all waypoints while striving to survive. Finally, the Sabotage mode makes your team foil the other team’s plans (Terrorist team vs. Security team): Terrorist team must plant a bomb and explode it, while Security team must find the bomb and defuse it to win the game. It’s not like you haven’t seen this before, but the complexity of the huge maps and the graphics make it a very nice approach to the traditional FPS game.


And are there any other differences that would make me play this?

There are some, yes. The most original one and also the favorite at TMCheats headquarters is certainly the use of mercs as your allies. These goons can be equipped with state of the art weaponry and vests as well to enable a much more lethal gaming experience. Then, the array of available weapons is certainly the vastest around: 84 (YEAH, YOU READ THE NUMBER RIGHT!) different weapons compose the grotesque list separated into assault, explosives, hand guns, machine guns, shot guns, SMG, sniper rifles and support weapons (mostly RPG’s). All the classics are accounted for, as well as futuristic and real weapons that can be used in several war theatres around the globe, spread throughout 12 very different locations that range from Mexico to Oman, from the North Pole (!) to Panama, from Georgia to Chechnya. It’s also clear that with the help of our TMCheats’ hacks will make it even more interesting and unbalanced to others,  and all this together makes it a very amusing and exciting reason to play the game as, like you said before, IT’S FREE!

Well, in that case tell me how your hacks and cheats will help!

Except for preparing you a hot meal, TMCheats’ hacks give you everything that you need to play this game as a pro, so much so that the top pros you see jerking around from victim to victim in the game use and abuse our hacks, that’s guaranteed. If you need guns, whatever they are, you got it. If you need ammo, you got it. If you need information on the other players, no problem too: you got it! All that you will need is provided by our cheats, whenever you need, no restrictions applied. Of course this is a huge difference from players that do not have access to any of your premium choice cuts, and now you know how some players are good, while others are GODS. Besides from this, with TMCheats’ offerings you will not need to spend sleepless nights battling others to level and to recognize the game in all senses, as we promise you that in a couple of days you’ll be ready to take the world by storm with all the pump that we provide you. As for the site’s security measures, our crackers and coders have come up with elegant solutions that bypass any presumably good anti-cheat application, assuring you your account (which is always our most valued concern) will never be banned. Whatever you choose to do, you’re in good hands.


That’s good, I’m in! You assure me I’ll stand out from the crowd, yes?

Smart choice! And yes, there’s simply no point of comparison between how you will fare against others that don’t use TMCheats’ nitro. Our intention is to make you a tier 1 perfect ice cube when it comes to doing the job: no mercy, no regrets and may Hell sort them out! The edge we’re offering you is complete on all senses, as you’ll be faster, meaner and smarter and, in the end, you’ll have much more info than any other player in the game, and that’s gold. Besides, and this is very important, our security assurance is always active: no account bans in any situation, no badly assembled scripts and our personal guarantee that no online moderator or tester will see the difference from our hacks and a professional player. So this is what we have saved for you; 2012 is a fine year, indeed.



First, let’s get you started with the hacks importance and also what’s what: Aimbot is the first line of defense. This list of cheats provide you your major usable fighting oriented hacks at all times, starting with Smooth Aim (a cheat that makes your game play flow like you’re a top pro, raising no suspicions) to balance things. After that is Movement Prediction, a very useful tool as you will know the most probable path or landing of your opponent, allowing you to, for instance, shoot in the predicted direction that you are given to hit him. Then, Aim Point provides you a red crosshair where you are aiming, including the name of the player you’re shooting at for precision matters. The Auto-Switch Target Toggle and the new Visible Targets Only Toggle is also great combined with previous or hacks yet to be described, as you’ll be able to toggle on or off these modes to suit your situational needs. Configurable Max Distance, Aim Angle, Prediction Movement and Aim Bones let you adjust each of these to your preferred standards, and Critical Distance prioritizes what and when to shoot. On the other hand, and for security reasons, Visibility Checks is also available, and you can even frag noobs and spawns through walls thanks to the Penetration Checks. Finally, and this is the cherry on top of the cake, we are proud to offer you the new and unique Ninja Mode, with which you can teleport (!) to a specific location (imagine teleporting behind an enemy and backstabbing him). Wait for it, we’re just warming up.



Extra Sensory Perception is the owning ability to know things no one else knows and sometimes before they happen, which is somewhat very important in this game. Let’s say you know a player’s name, his health, the weapons’ he’s using, his distance, the way he’s looking at… it would be pretty cool so you could come up with a strategy to gang-bang him, yeah? This is exactly what this cheat offers you: prime information that will lead you to make the right decisions in combat. As it also allows you to color your team and the enemy team for a better vision of the game, be it for visible or not visible players, all you need to do now is waste your foes’ ass when they’re least expecting.


Sphere ESP

This one lets you know where grenades, dropped weaponry and lootboxes are on the map, as they will be conveniently circled for you, so there are no more ‘I ran out of ammo’ excuses.



It’s like the Sphere cheat before, but this one will put a 2D box on the map for every player, and you can also configure it for your team and the enemy’s.


2D radar

This is TMCheats’ way of offering you the entire map: it will show you all players on it, the way they move and their positioning pattern, which is great for you to understand their strategy and thwart it from the very beginning. Besides, you can also analyze the map fully by zooming and scaling it to a size of your liking, as it is totally adjustable, as well as the position it’s in. The more intel you have, the more certain will be victory.



In the end, the game is all about putting more bullet holes into your enemy than an afghan building has, so for that you will need a crosshair of course. This hack is perfect for it as it offers a full customizable cross, color, size and structure wise, and this means you’ll never lose it due to too much action going on, or also due to brightness or darkness. Whatever the case you’re in, your cross will always be there for you.


Model Hacks, NoSpread/Recoil

Losing to lack of aiming is one thing, but losing to recoil and kickbacks is just shitty! We know how it goes, as all the gaming addicts at TMCheats have suffered from it in the past, so we decided to NOT offer you the same experiences and we removed all that gibberish so you can excel at making your enemies air conditioners with legs. And by the way: we’ve also removed the reload nuisance, so you don’t waste time reloading or get killed in the process.



Every man’s dream is to have a 6th sense, something that tells him where and where not to go, what to do and how. This cheat we offer you acts like that: it’s a warning system that raises the alarms whenever someone is near you, as well as if you’re getting aimed at. For your convenience, you can adjust the distance ratio, and configure it also to visible and not visible targets.


Profile System

This hack lets you save and load games at your discretion, so no more frustrations for having to repeat missions over and over again. On the other hand, auto-loading is also possible: just adapt it to your likes and you’re good to go.


Anti Cheat Secure

Last but certainly not least, TMCheats’ most important hack is given and assured to you at all times. Losing your account due to bad scripts is a reality that most ‘coders’ do not know how to circumvent, but that is clearly not our case: our security measures are tested thoroughly so you don’t have to worry about it. Just run your game and enjoy the best that we have to offer you.


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