Medal of Honor Warfighter Cheats Hacks Aimbot

The sequel to the series reboot is finally here, so prepare for the global battle by checking out some of the first Medal of Honor: Warfighter hacks on the internet. This franchise has been around for over a decade, but the Medal of Honor series saw a major reboot two years ago when Operation: Anaconda hit the scene. Now developer Danger Close Games is bringing us a brand new multiplayer experience. Instead of collaborating with EA Digital Illusions CE, Danger Close will be developing it’s own multiplayer mode. Of course, they will still be using DICE’s Frostbite 2 engine, but the MoHWF multiplayer could be unlike anything you’ve ever played before.


Perhaps in an effort to avoid the controversy that plagued the previous iteration of Medal of Honor, Warfighter will not merely pit American soldiers against Middle Eastern terrorists. Instead, players will be able to choose from eleven different countries. Will you play an American soldier this time? Or will your character represent Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, or Sweden? Maybe Australia or Norway? Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Russia, or South Korea? Fans worldwide will enjoy playing soldiers from their own nations, and seeing what elite gear and weapons the other countries have to offer. This global perspective should also allow for greater acceptance and sales at military installations around the world, unlike Operation: Anaconda. The previous game was pulled from the shelves in a number of installations out of respect for military personnel, but Warfighter should enjoy a much broader audience with its many options.


Medal of Honor: Warfighter promises plenty of customization. What will your character look like? Those who are tired of firing at endless collections of identical guys in fatigues will enjoy being able to tell one player from another, even without using Medal of Honor: Warfighter cheats like ESP. Weapons should have a huge number of options as well, Danger Close tells us that players should be able to equip a wide range of stocks, barrels, optics, and magazines, as well as different paint jobs. With this many options the possibilities are almost endless. Those who pre-ordered the game will be able to equip the McMillan TAC-300 on their U.S. Navy SEAL before anyone else.


Some fans have already heard the soundtrack to Warfighter, it became available nearly a month before the game release. Composer Ramin Djwadi has returned from the previous game, and the soundtrack also features a new song by Linkin Park. Epic scores and excellent music can make a great game even more enjoyable, and Warfighter will be no exception. Good music can be the developers way of saying “Hey, we don’t just want your money, we want you to have a good time.”


The Medal of Honor series holds a Guiness World Record for the world’s best-selling first-person shooter. Obviously Warfighter is going to see a ton of players from around the globe, and not all of them are going to be nice. The Medal of Honor games require teamwork, strategy, and tactical knowledge to win, and Warfighter offers a slightly more structured multiplayer mode than Operation: Anaconda. Beta players have reported that the game features a buddy system that gives you a distinct advantage when you play with a friend. This leaves single players at a disadvantage that can add up quickly. The game also relies heavily on realistic action, with lots of recoil that can make aiming difficult. If you want to get ahead right away, you should check out some of the helpful Medal of Honor Warfighter cheats available from TMCheats.


The Medal of Honor: Warfighter Aimbot


An aimbot is a very old hack that has been used in almost every multiplayer game. The concept is to conserve ammunition and maximize your gameplay by automatically acquiring targets. The first aimbots were clumsy and obvious, but they have improved right along with the games. TMCheats offers a Medal of Honor Warfighter aimbot that is unlike anything else on the web. Unlike less sophisticated programs, the TMCheats aimbot actively works to get the enemy in your sights and then keep him there. Movement prediction and frame compensation helps keep the target in your crosshair no matter how much strafing he does. Bullet drop correction also sends your ammunition exactly where you want it to go.


TMCheats believes in confingurable Medal of Honor Warfighter hacks, and the aimbot is no exception. You can set the angle at which the bot acquires targets in front of you, and the maximum distance at which it targets the enemy, so you can pick of opponents in a specific area. Smart Target Selection ensures you get the other players and not just destructible terrain. The aimbot knows all about destructible terrain, however. Penetration checks let you know whether or not you can fire through the enemy’s cover, and visibility checks tell you if there’s the slightest gap in their defenses. With other sights scrambling to creat aimbot cheats for this hot new game, TMCheats is already ready to go.


Warfighter ESP


ESP stands for Extra Sensory Perception, ever wanted to be psychic? This is one of the most popular MoHWF hacks because it lets you know things that the enemy doesn’t know. With ESP from TMCheats, you can know another player’s name, class, and what weapon they have equipped. See their health bar and know how close you are to finishing them off. Configure colors for your team and the enemy team so you can tell everyone apart even at a distance. Tiny lettering is a fact of life in most FPS games, but TMCheats bring you hacks cheats and tools to help you overcome these little annoyances. With Warfighter bringing such customizable weapons to the playing field, it helps to know what your opponent has equipped.


The Radar Hack


This is another one of the very popular Medal of Honor Warfighter hacks from TMCheats. The radar hack allows you to see everything on the map, whether hidden or not. See every player and every vehicle. With so much strategy involved in every round, a radar is exactly what you need when planning your MoHW campaign. The TMCheats radar even lets you configure colors for various objects, and set the zoom and scale factor. With this much information, it’s a lot easier to destroy the other team.


Your Crosshair, Your Way


Aimbot cheats are great, but how do you keep track of your cursor when everything on your screen is exploding? TMCheats offers a configurable crosshair hack that lets you stay oriented even in serious action. You can change the color of your crosshair to stand out in different environments. Change the size and make it bigger so it really stands out, or smaller so you can see around it. Alter the structure until it works best for you. Not everyone needs this type of hack, but for some players it can be a serious lifesaver.


No Spread, No Recoil


You read that right, TMCheats offers removal hacks that get rid of the most difficult aspects of a first-person shooter. Bullet spread and recoil can seriously lower your accuracy. You already know that standing still and aiming at the same spot can spray bullets everywhere due to the “realistic” effects added by game developers. With hours of dedication and practice, some people manage to improve their accuracy. Others practice for hours and just end up wasting their time. Warfighter beta players have already commented on the powerful recoil in this game. Whether you choose to use aimbot cheats or not, you really ought to try the removal hacks by TMCheats. With no spread, every bullet fires in a straight line. No recoil helps you stay on target with impressive accuracy. Both of these hacks work with the aimbot or alone, so you can have as much or as little help as you need.


Proximity Warnings and Auto Knife


If you’ve been playing multiplayer first-person shooters for any length of time, you probably know the unique frustration of having an enemy sneak up behind you and stick a knife in your back. You may even have had someone take you out with a defibrillator, a repair bot, or a C4 pack, depending on the game. TMCheats understands how much sneaks attacks can suck, which is why they offer a special type of MoHWF cheats that prevent anyone from getting the best of you. Proximity alerts can simply warn you when somebody gets too close, letting you deal with the problem yourself. Configure the distance depending on your location, so you won’t have alerts distracting you while fighting in close quarters. Set a greater distance in more open areas and be sure nobody can sneak up on you. The TMCheats proximity alert will even let you choose whether to alert to visible targets only, or everyone within range.


The proximity alert hack comes with a few more options that make it one of the most worthwhile hack, especially if you aren’t playing with a buddy. TMCheats offers an option to automatically aim at the player that triggered the warning. Anyone who gets within range will find themselves eliminated with a headshot before they even realize they’ve been spotted. Auto knife is another fun surprise for the sneaks. This useful hack automatically stabs anyone within stabbing range, preventing other players from sneaking up behind you. After a few kills, the enemy will learn to keep their distance.


Auto Fire


If headshot after headshot is what you crave, TMCheats can deliver with the auto fire accessory to the Medal of Honor Warfighter aimbot. Simply put, when the aimbot acquires a target that fits the very specific requirements, it will fire. Hits are guaranteed, and so is maximum pwnage. Of course, this hack is also configurable, and you can set the maximum distance, speed, and acceleration of your intended targets so your opponents never figure out your secret. Your teammates may not know why you are so awesome, but they will certainly appreciate having you on their side. No matter which country you represent, what map you play on, or what your objective is, you will destroy the competition.


What About Punkbuster?


Some players avoid using cheats hacks and tools because they are afraid of getting caught. Of course, most of the best players use hacks, that is why they are the best. Hard work and dedication only go so far, but sites like TMCheats help you go from excellent to awesome. To keep your gaming secure, they make their Medal of Honor Warfighter cheats Punkbuster proof. When Punkbuster tries to scan for potential problems, this hack shuts it right down. When Punkbuster tries to take a screenshot, this hack gives it a blank screen. No matter what you play, the top players are sure to be using sophisticated technology to keep their scores high and their killstreaks going. You can get in on the action with the first Medal of Honor Warfighter hacks on the internet. TMCheats can help you maximize your game time and really enjoy yourself without worrying about Punkbuster or other killjoys. When you’re ready to take your game to the next level, TMCheats is right there.


Medal of Honor: Warfighter could be another best-selling game that captures the attention of the FPS world for another two years. Players around the world are about to take part in this new adventure, battling Somalian pirates and representing their favorite countries while some of the best music in the entertainment world plays in the background. Are you ready?