Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Cheats Hacks Aimbot

The new Call of Duty game is promising to bring us a whole collection of new and different experiences, and you can triumph over the competition from the very beginning with some helpful Black Ops 2 hacks. This is the ninth game in the Call of Duty franchise, and the first to bring futuristic warfare technology to the table. Way back in 2003, Call of Duty first captured the attention of first-person shooter fans with it’s World War II storylines. The original Call of Duty received critical acclaim and spawned two sequels set in the same time period. In 2007 we saw modern weaponry in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, followed by a return to World War II in Call of Duty: World at War. Following Modern Warfare 2, the original Black Ops was the first game in the series to be set during the Cold War. Some of the action in Black Ops also takes place during the war in Vietnam.


While depicting somewhat graphic warfare, publisher Activision recognizes that much of its success  is built on the achievements of men and women in the armed forces. In order to help support real soldiers, Activision created the Call of Duty Endowment, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping veterans. Unlike the 2010 Medal of Honor installment that was criticized by the United States military for allowing players to play on the side of a terrorist organization, the Call of Duty series has been appreciated by many in the armed forces. Copies of Modern Warfare 2 were distributed to military installations around the world. It’s a business you can feel good about supporting, even when you’re using Black Ops 2 cheats to get ahead.


So where will the newest installment of Call of Duty take you? Into the third dimension, for starters. This will be one of the first games to feature a really functional 3D display mode. Sure, lots of games have had a so-called 3D mode, but truly watchable 3D televisions and computer monitors are a very new technology. Activision is attempting to launch of 3D option that won’t make your eyes blur or give you a headache after a couple of hours. Best Buy is showing a 3D Black Ops 2 trailer in their stores, and monitor manufacturer LG is offering a discount on the game when you purchase one of their 3D models during a specific week in November. Of course, this would mean you would miss out on pre-order goodies like the new Nuketown map for multiplayer mode, and double XP during the launch weekend.


Black Ops 2 promises us a totally new Call of Duty experience by setting some of the action in the future. That’s right, you will get to play with imagined future weapons and equipment in the year 2025. Strike force missions in some game modes will feature branching storylines that change depending on the decisions you make as you play, giving Black Ops 2 that much more replay potential. You can risk permanent death while potentially changing the course of the Cold War itself.


You’ll also get to enjoy more of the zombies from the original Black Ops. The zombies first lurched into the Call of Duty scene in World at War, and now it seems they are here to stay. Developer Treyarch has also let the world know that the zombies will be invading the multiplayer modes. Zombies in 8-player co-op mode, zombies in survival mode, zombies in grief mode, zombies in Tranzit mode, zombies in Nuketown. Everyone loves zombies, right?


In addition to the zombies, Treyarch has announced some revisions to the multiplayer mode that can made BO2 cheats very worthwhile. Multi-team games allow more than two teams per match, giving you a much wider range of opponents and more opportunity to use your BO2 hacks when you host. Create-a-Class is back, but supposedly a bit different. You’ll still be able to create a custom character for multiplayer games though, which is the important part. Kill Streaks will become Score Streaks in BO2, and you’ll have to do more than just gank other players to unlock the in-game rewards. Wager matches have been removed, and Treyarch has attempted to shift player focus to working in teams and accomplishing objectives rather than just pwning newbs. The idea is to make the game more accessible for new players, but the best way to start a Call of Duty game is with some incredible BO2 hacks and cheats. TMCheats is one of the first and only sites to offer cheats and tools for new games as soon as they are released, and you’d better believe they are ready for the release of Black Ops 2.


The Black Ops 2 Aimbot


An aimbot is a time-saving, ammo-saving hack that automatically acquires targets for you. Rather than spraying bullets and hoping you hit something, a BO2 aimbot can help you eliminate opponents with the efficiency of a seasoned sniper. When the toll has acquired a target, you will see a red crosshair along with the name of your enemy. With Call of Duty’s signature 60 frames-per-second, it can be difficult to keep track of a strafing enemy. TMCheats offers a superior BO2 aimbot with movement prediction and frame compensation to keep your aim stead no matter how much your target moves around. The auto-switch target toggle lets you move effortlessly from target to target, and you can also switch to acquiring only visible targets.


TMCheats wants players to have as many options as possible, so their Black Ops 2 aimbot has a number of configurable features. You can limit the aim vectors to only acquire targets in a certain horizontal range, perfect for defending doorways and other narrow areas. Alter the maximum distance to keep the aimbot from acquiring targets that are too far away, and specify the critical distance to give some targets priority over others. Sometimes you need to take out the snipers behind the guys in the open, and TMCheats understands this. Their BO2 aimbot also does visibility and penetration checks so you can fire through the tiniest gaps. The wall hack is probably the most popular feature on the TMCheats aimbot, this allows you to aim and fire right through destructible terrain and literally shoot through walls. This aimbot also includes an auto fire option that will automatically shoot a target as soon as it has been acquired.




ESP will be another of the most essential Black Ops 2 hacks. This feature gives you all the information you need about your opponents, while they remain in the dark. See another player’s name and skeleton, and their distance from your position. Know their rank, and what weapon they have equipped before you make your move. Use barrel ESP to check what direction they are looking so you can sneak up behind them. Use snap lines to draw a straight line from your position to theirs. Configurable team colors help you tell your friends from your enemies.


Object ESP also helps you stay ahead of the other team with essential information about the equipment around you. Know whether that chopper, plane, or turret is worth taking. Get the inside information about explosives, and see a sphere around the potential explosive area. Weapon ESP also lets you see dropped weapons before anyone else grabs them. With this information at your disposal, the other team doesn’t stand a chance.


Radars and Crosshairs


The 2D radar is another of the most popular Black Ops 2 cheats. This tool lets you see every player on the map, whether they are visible or not. Take out snipers, avoid ambushes, and know what the enemy is planning as soon as you spawn. The TMCheats radar even lets you configure colors, zoom distance, and position so the radar works with you and not against you. A good tool should do the job without distracting you too much, and that is what defines the best BO2 hacks.


Keeping track of your crosshair can be a problem for some players, especially when things are exploding and crashing all around you. Black Ops 2 will also feature a 3D display mode that can only make this problem worse. How can you take out the enemy when you don’t even know where you’re aiming? TMCheats comes to the rescue with a configurable crosshair. Change the color to something that contrasts with the current map, or compensate for sight issues like colorblindness. Change the size and structure of the crosshair to keep it out of your way, or make it super-visible depending on your needs.


Incredible Precision


Recoil and bullet spread are your number one enemies when making a shot. In addition to the BO2 aimbot, TMCheats offers a few more tools to help you keep your killstreak going and make very shot a headshot. Recoil removal makes the game slightly less realistic, but a lot more fun. Spread removal takes a spray of bullets and sends them in a single line so that every shot hits the same point. With these BO2 hacks you can fire with incredible precision, leaving your teammates and opponents marveling at your abilities.




If you played MW3 or the original Call of Duty: Black Ops, you probably know the unique aggravation of having some idiot sneak up behind you with a pack of C4. Some players find it fun to think of new and unconventional ways to eliminate enemies, and most of these involve creeping up behind unsuspecting opponents. TMCheats provides players with a proximity warning that will let you know when somebody gets too close. Set the tool to automatically aim at whatever set off the warning, and the sneak won’t know what hit them. You can configure the warning distance so it won’t go off constantly when fighting in close quarters. The tool can even be set for visible targets only, or include nonvisible targets. Never fall victim to a sniper, hidden enemy, or pack of C4 ever again.


Friendly Fire, Unfriendly Fire


With all these amazing Black Ops 2 hacks at your disposal, you’re bound to make a few enemies on the playing field. How do you avoid taking out your allies while achieving maximum pwnage? TMCheats has introduced the Shitlist hack, allowing you to specify who you would like your aimbot to target. At the beginning of the round, add players to the Friends List and the aimbot will ignore them. Add them to the Hit List and they will become top priority. Spare friendly players, gank opponents. It’s that simple.


Profile System


TMCheats also offers a time-saving profile system that lets you save your settings. Spend some time playing with the different hacks and get everything set up the way you like it, then automatically load those settings the next time you play. You can also delete your settings or load them manually.


Last year Modern Warfare 3 saw the entertainment launch of all time, with almost 7 million copies sold in the United States and the UK in the first 24 hours. With millions of fans around the world eagerly awaiting the release of Black Ops 2 in November, there is going to be a lot of competition. Most of the best players already use hacks and cheats to increase their killstreaks and work their way up the leaderboards. TMCheats wants to help you become an elite player, with tools designed to compliment your existing talents. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is going to be visually stunning and a lot of fun no matter what mode you play, but multiplayer mode can be even more exciting with TMCheats.