Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Cheats – Worth it? You decide.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 AIMBOT/HACKS/CHEATS

If videogames could be held in court as dangerous and a threat to national security, we’re sure that Battlefield Bad Company 2 would be the number one target! In this DICE game, a misfit army company is assigned to the most dangerous missions worldwide by maniacs that have shady records: one of them crashed a combat heli into a general’s limo, one other joined the company to fight his pyromania disorder, and after joining as a demolitions expert he decides he loves the army, and finally one other that serves in the company as a technician uploaded a virus to the United States army mainframe. In short, they’re goodfellas. This critically acclaimed and award winning game released in 2010 had sold 12 million copies by March 2012, which is just massive.
  The game revolves around a scalar weapon that has fallen into the wrong Russian hands and that can hold trouble to the sovereignty of the United States, and a team of 4 fearless and unconventional soldiers are sent to a rendezvous with an agent to recover the weapon from the Russians. For that, the team is given access to the latest technology and is told to do what it does best: kick ass and take names. We at TMCheats are very proud to provide the best and also some unique hacks and cheats around to enhance your pro gaming experience to a new level, augmenting your character in every way possible and then some, so no Russki packs you to a Gulag to be tortured and serve as a vory v zakone girlfriend. Uh-uh soldier, you might be in a bad company, but with TMCheats you’re in good hands.


I’d like to know more about the game’s differences first, can you help?

Of course we can, this is our life after all. The game indeed presents several differences from other games in the series and even among other first person shooters, as in it you can use many vehicles like ATVs, APCs, tanks and helicopters: you can choose transportation like the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk, patrol boats, personal watercrafts, and as far as weaponry goes, pick from the available ZU-23-2 mounted on a BMD-3 armored personnel carrier and a Northrop Grumman MQ-8 Fire Scout, light and assault weapons, pistols, grenades and many other , as the weapons at your disposal are also immense and varied. Various game modes allow for complete playability and augment the lifetime of the game, like Rush, Squad Rush, Conquest, Squad Deathmatch and Onslaught. Then, it features a smart and unique health regenerating system, unusual for an fps game but which received good reviews by players, as it makes the game much more realistic (for instance, if you’re shot your health will be slowly recovered by a medic instead of healing you instantly, and you’d better be cautious if fighting wounded and it can deteriorate your health even further). Finally, and this is important, the game focuses on large and destroyable scenarios, as you can blow up most of the buildings and structures in the game; the game’s physics engine is prodigious in this sense, as it realistically depicts Armageddon every time a building comes crumbling down. There are other good reasons to try this game, like the story and concept behind it, so give it a shot and you’ll see it’s time well spent.


I see… so what are the benefits of using cheats and hacks game wise?

College takes you at least 5 years to complete, right? What if we offered you a way to complete it in just some months with absolutely no draw backs? Sounds promising, yeah? This is the main reason to use hacks in BFBC2: in a very short time span you’ll be a graduated player as if you had been playing the game for years, and that’s priceless. Besides making you a top player, the cheats and hacks will also offer you everything that the game has best to offer: unlimited ammo, unlimited medicine, more human than human senses and accuracy, several edges that other players don’t even dream about like warnings, full control of the map and any vehicle or weapon on demand… the list goes on and on, and it’s easy to see why is it that the top BFBC2 online players all use TMCheats’ hacks. Whatever the future holds, it takes TMCHeats.


Sweet! So what are you offering me in detail? Can you specify?

We hope you’re sitting, as this will take some time. We basically are offering you the World on a silver platter, and we couldn’t put it in many other ways. When we say the World, we mean everything that you will need to efficiently become a top World level quality player, as there’s so much you can use to excel in this game. What’s even more exciting is the security you’ll be awarded when using TMCheats’ hacks and cheats: as you know, Punkbuster is DICE’s way of controlling who uses cheats or adulterated versions of their games, but for us Punkbuster is translated in a single word: fail. We have successfully bypassed all Punkbuster protocols due to our programming and scripting knowledge, which means that whatever you are doing, be it 25 hours a day or once a week (as if!), your account will be always safe and sound, no matter if you use one cheat at a time or 6, what matters is that Punkbuster is more like Punkbusted after we cracked its code and altered it conveniently for your personal gaming pleasure. So, and answering your question, we present to you our complete arsenal.



Few games have more extensive Aimbot hacks and cheats than Bad Company 2. This comes in number one since the game is all about pointing and shooting, so this array of hacks will be as important as the air that your breathe. First place, Ghost Aim: this cheat allows you to ALWAYS ice your target no matter where you shoot, so shoot for the enemy’s left hand pinky and he drops dead. Auto-switch target is exactly that: you change the target according to your own priority, like size or distance of the target. Aimpoint is a laser target, handy in the dark, and Bullet Drop Correction is the assurance that no matter how long a target is or no matter how windy the set is, you’ll always hit your target, as the laws of physics will apply no longer. Movement prediction lets you have information on the probable landing of a target, very useful for pricks that are always jumping or on the move. You’ll have access to configurable cheats like Max Distance, Aim Angle, Prediction Limit and Aim Bones, and other cheats like Critical Distance (that prioritizes a target depending on its distance), Visibility and Penetration Checks (how does head shooting someone through a wall sounds like?), Smart Target Selection, UAV Support (radar support at all times for every map) and, finally, the Shitlist hack to target team mates. Don’t thank us yet, we’re just getting started.


Player Name, Distance etc ESP

ESP is, in other words, a crystal ball that only you have access to and that will feed you intel about EVERYTHING that is going in the game: player names, player weapons, player class, player skeleton, Barrel ESP and a customizable health bar; to sweeten the deal, you can also mark your team and the enemy team with colors to assist you better while during a shootout, and this hack works wonders with UAV Support too. Needless to say, when you have info no other player has access to, you win the game as you can devise strategies to wipe clean several foes at the same time or one by one too if that’s your fetish. Strategically speaking, it’s as important as your gun.


Sphere ESP

This hack conveniently marks the spots of weapons for you with a sphere on each, like grenades, missiles and mortar. If you think about it, only you will see the spheres, knowing exactly where the guns and ammo are, and this is better than gold. Yu can configure different colors for each to tidy up the map.


Box ESP   

Like the previous cheat, this hack draws a box but around player and vehicle boxes, dropped Weapons, Medickit and Ammobox (all in 3D), grenades (with countdown timer showing) and it’s totally configurable for the whole team. Instead of you being a one man army, why don’t you turn EVERY SINGLE TEAM MATE into one for added destruction?


2D Radar

Simply put, 2D radar is The Eyes of God. This brilliant cheat lets you see all players and vehicles in the game, which is crucial to fend off attacks and destroy enemy tactics and strategies even before they are put into plan. You can configure it regarding colors of what you see, as well as zoom in or out and change the size of it to better adjust to your needs, and finally you can position it to your choice too. It’s quite handy having in mind only you will be able to see the entire map and draw a strategy to defeat the enemy.



As before, in the end this is a game where you shoot to win, which means you need a cross to aim (duh!). Since during the heat it’s normal to sometimes lose control or track of your cross, we devised this hack so you can configure your aim to a suitable size and format, being able to color it as you prefer too. Don’t leave home without it!



Einstein was wrong: physics do not apply to everyone and everything… at least not to TMCheats’ selected players that is! This intelligent hack removes all those bugging physics details; it offers you No Spread (your gun will not shake, sick sick sick!) and No recoil (both these cheats work with or without Aimbot for added optimization), and it also provides you a Screenshot mode. From now on headshots will be as common as bad Stallone movies.


This is definitely our favorite hack at TMCheats: wherever you are, under whatever circumstance, you’ll have a private alarm that will trigger if someone gets too near; to activate the proximity Alert, you can configure a specific distance of your choice so that any player or vehicle crossing that threshold will be noticed, even if it is hidden (like a sniper or a mortar). If someone aims at you, the alarm will trigger too, and you’ll know what weapon is being pointed at you. No more bad surprises with this cheat.


Auto Knife/Auto Fire

Auto Knife carves players automatically with a customizable distance (great for blade maniacs), and Auto Fire is just sick, as it always makes you hit a target within certain parameters, with configurable target max speed, acceleration and distance so you are certain you will succeed.


Spectate Mode

Here’s one of those unique hacks and cheats we offer you. With this mode, you can use your arrow keys to wander around the map and see action up close, and you can configure speed keys for it to adjust to your racing needs. With this hack, you can always save and load games at your will, without any type of limitation as we know that sometimes it sucks to get stuck at a given point. No more: do it and save it, load it and go on.



Finally, the heart of TMCheats’ care: the Anti-Punkbuster hack. This one is a free get out of jail card that bypasses every single anti-hack parameter that Punkbuster launches. As we stated in the beginning, your account is as important to us as the game is to you, so we work hard with the best coders on the market to offer you an enhanced BUT SAFE playing experience, always making sure your account comes first. The hack is passive, so just log in and start blasting!


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