Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Aimbot: Never lose!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 CHEATS/HACKS/AIMBOT

Pack your gear and write your will, and we strongly suggest you also say goodbye to your family and best friends, girlfriend and dog; don’t forget to buy some migraine pills too, as this is not a drill: you have been assigned to the darkest regions of your bedroom and will be forced to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for months to come now that you have found about TMCheats’ hacks, obvious. What were you thinking?! Also known as COD: MW2, this 2009 multi-award winning masterpiece took the world by the balls and tripled the value of Red Bull shares in the first 2 days after its release, maybe because it sold almost 5 million copies in the first day alone in the UK and the USA ONLY; this is how massive the game is in terms of popularity. The game story is fascinatingly vivid and varied, taking you to exotic and distant places like a favela in Rio de Janeiro, the Afghan mountains, the USA and Georgia/Russia, and the end result couldn’t be more emotional and tense (no, we’re not going to tell!). The multiplayer mode of the game (the one that really matters) has some big gifts for you, and we’re not just talking about the new weaponry, equipment and other benefits, not at all, so read on and have some toilet paper    at hand so you don’t shit your pants. We have been playing this pile driver since the very beginning, and things couldn’t be more exciting as we have cracked the game’s code and made it a real bounty for top pro players that need an extra edge when they figure they can’t get any better without them and want to step it up… much like you.


You mean this is the game my best bud should offer for my birthday?

Definitely, as this game has much more than meets the eye. Besides travelling to exotic locations as above, you’ll also get to wear the latest (and futuristic too, as the game takes place in 2016) weaponry and equipment, most of it unseen so far in other games of this genre. Then, and this is really the nuts, you have a hell of a storyline that could very well be the next Hollywood blockbuster and then some, as this sandwich mixes espionage, deceit, political treachery and is filled with premium cut fresh action. On the other hand, the game has more props and ninja stunts than Jason Statham, and that will be enough to kick your ass big time… unless you use our TMCheats’ counter measures instead, that is. This is not a noob friendly game, much on the contrary, but if you add our finger licking good sauce to your sandwich, we’re pretty much sure that you’ll enjoy the feast like never before. So yeah, if you have best friends as good as these then don’t think twice and ask them for this wonder!


Cool! So what can I expect different in this game?

A lot! First, you have 7 game modes that will make you decide which ones you are going to dedicate your time to, if not all: Free-For-All, Search & Destroy, Demolition, Sabotage, Domination, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. Each is obviously very different from the others, so the best thing for you to do is to explore them one by one, see which ones adapt more to your laying style and then pick them, this if you’re not a hardcore maniac that will master them all. After earning a determined amount of kills, you will also be able to score precious weapons that are unconventional to say the least (like a Nuclear Bomb that will allow you to win one game and one game only when used, even if your team was hanging by the skin of their teeth. Now, you won’t get your game interrupted as well if the host decides to leave the game, as another one will be appointed and the game will go on. Obviously, there are also major advances concerning graphics, and the most impressive one is certainly the texture screening technology that will turn any blurry, foggy or messy area into a pristine crispy graphic, where even the horizon looks perfect and clean.


And you think that by using your chats and hacks I’ll become a pro?

Thinking is for pussies: we ARE SURE OF IT and put our asses on the line for it every day, so yes, you’ll become a pro in no time. Trying to compare a player that doesn’t use TMCheats to another that does is unfair to say the least, even if the player that doesn’t is good at it, because all that we offer you is so far ahead of our time and so complete in all senses that you won’t care anymore in being good, as you’ll focus 100% on being THE BEST, and in that we can help. Not only will you be better, you’ll do it in a minimum time frame too, as you’ll notice an insane development rate to which you’re not used to, so forget about spending months in the process (and failing a school year as a direct result) when you can achieve much more in just a few days.


Seems legit. Would you mind explaining in detail what I’ll get?

First and foremost, you’ll get a dog tag reading GOD on both sides when you decide to use TMCheats, and it can’t be more detailed than that (ok, of course it can, and it will). Besides turning you into a sociopath greater than Norman Bates from American Psycho, and since we’re pros at what we do, our objective is to also offer you a full security game play experience above everything else so your account is always safe, employing advanced programming to avoid nuisances and less pleasant surprises. No matter how hard you test and abuse our smack, we guarantee you at all times that your account will live to fight another day. Apart from that, the most exclusive hacks and cheats that you can find anywhere, some unique and unavailable anywhere else for your private entertainment. So, are you ready to know what is it in fact that makes us different from others? Just sit back and relax, as this will take some time.



First things first: Aimbot is your personal array of hacks that will be used the most during the game play, as it packs so much heat all together that it’s impossible to put it aside, starting with Bullet Drop Correction so physics’ issues like attrition and distance and speed and mass and the likes won’t get in the way if you want to head shot someone more than 2 miles away, as the effect will be the same as shooting him at a distance of 2 yards. Straight after you’ve got movement prediction, that will indicate you what is the most probable way that your enemy will take when moving, and with time you’ll be aiming at his next to be point so he’s dead before he hits the ground. Aim point is another nice inclusion, as it will make you crosshair red along with the target’s name, so your bullet has his name written on it LITERALLY. Configurable Max Distance, Aim Angle, Prediction Limit and Aim Bones allow you to adjust the best settings possible to tweak your character’s response, and the Critical Distance prioritizes a target within a certain distance of your choice. Then, there’s the Visibility Checks for added safety and control and also the Penetration Checks, so you can easily pierce any system and check it vulnerabilities. Smart Target Selection saves you trouble when making decisions, and finally the great hack that is Auto Wall, which blasts every creep hiding behind walls as if they weren’t. SWEET!



ESP is a hack list that allows you to know information no else has access to, much like a clairvoyant with a boom stick. Needless to say, these hacks proved to be priceless on the battlefield the more we test them, as we always know each player’s name, his distance, skeleton, his rank icon too in case you want to go headhunt for scalps, what weapon is he using so we don’t thread on thin ice when fighting him and also other cool tricks like Barrel ESP (that shows the direction that the player is looking), snap lines (that draws a line between you and your enemy)and configurable team and enemy colors so you don’t shoot some unlucky bastard in your team. Being better than others is already an edge by itself, but knowing EVERYTHING about your enemy is just sick!


Object ESP

Like we promised, whatever you need, it’s there for you. This hack lets you know where are all the explosives (like grenades and semtex, for instance) with the Explosive ESP cheat, weapons that were dropped with the Weapon ESP one and a cool Chopper/Plane/Turret ESP to track vehicles and structures along the map. You can also use the Sphere ESP hack to circle the impact area of an explosion, coloring it with custom colors too. No matter your need, it’s at hand, always, and just for you.



This cheat allows you to see all players on the map with a square on top of each one, and you can also configure it to use them on the enemy and on your team as well for a better visibility.


2D Radar

This is probably one of our favorite hacks, as it’s so simple and yet so critical: the 2D Radar provides you full vision of all the players on the map, letting you configure them with colors of your choice and also offering you a full Zoom/Scale Factor view and Configurable Position for your convenience. The reason we love this hack so much is that with 7 different game modes you’ll have to adapt to each one and find the best strategy for your team at the same time you try to break the enemy team’s strategy by identifying its moves…which will be easy with this hack.



Any FPS relies on a gun or more and a crosshair, as without it you’re shooting birds in the dark. This cheat that we offer you lets you configure and adjust your cross’ color, size and structure, to make sure you’ll never fail in a game because you couldn’t find your aim in the middle of a shootout, which is ridiculous. No more: with this cheat, your cross will be always tweaked to your likings and ready to roll.



If there’s something we can’t stand it’s losing on a technicality, like shooting at an enemy and miss because the recoil of the weapon framed us… and got us killed in the process. Since we’re providing you the best, we had to insert the No Recoil and also the No Spread cheat (this one makes your shots all hit the same spot!), so those headshots keep on pwning every wretch that crosses your path!



This list is pretty serious, as it informs you who is in your vicinities with Proximity Alert, and it lets you configure the distance of your surroundings too. If someone aims at you, visible or not visible, you’ll know it too, so what more can be said? If you have this one always on, you’ll never be caught off guard by some douche sniper or (even worse!) a camper.


Profile System

Finally, this one provides you save, load and delete settings so you can manage your steps through the game, saving after successfully finishing a difficult mission and loading the game from that point on, or deleting it when you’re sure you won’t need it anymore. Besides this, you can also configure Auto-Load Settings so you can start from a predefined point at your will. No more lost games, as this cheat saves the day.


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