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Counter-Strike: Source CHEATS/HACKS /AIMBOT

Since its release, Counter-Strike was and still is idolized by its simple, exciting and tactical game play, and works on computers that do not have a 3D card, which was good enough to win a massive following. Its successor, Counter-Strike: Source was no different, besides having the same game play of its predecessors, the Counter-Strike: Source installment has the same amazing graphics for anyone who plays, and all this because of the Half-Life 2 engine. Counter-Strike started as a simple Half-Life mod created by fans, but those fans did not expect the sudden success of the game that had just been created. After so many years of revolution in the game industry, in 2012 the game received a new Build that hit the market and is being used by thousand of players worldwide, which is amazing for a game that is so old and still keeps on dragging people from all over to play it for its influential popular culture: wherever there was a computer, CS would certainly be available. The “Source” name indicates the use of the same technology that made “Half-Life 2” possible, but this does not translate directly into a similar graphical quality between the two titles. The reason is simple: keeping the game fast and affordable over the internet and during matches. It’s not like the differences are small: deeper background depths, the details level and textures improved and also a stunning 3D sound atmosphere. For instance, Flashbang’s blinding and deafening effect adds a greater realism to the small details, and that’s pretty impressive… at least at the time it was released. We’ve all been there and done that at TMCheats, and of course this would certainly be the type of game we had to lay our hands upon to offer you the most comprehensive and unique hacks and cheats list that the industry has known. There’s nothing like keeping it real, and that’s what we did by picking this gem to rip open and deliver its most appetizing treats for you.


You’re saying I should go for this one as it’s THE classic, right?

Pretty much indeed, yes we are. If there is a game that can be blamed for the enormous success that first person shooters have been having for the last 10 years, this is certainly the godfather of a whole generation of strategic militarist games. Before CS, there were shoot’em ups, and after its release the genre took such a radical swing by including strategy at a new level that it has to be recognized and praised. You can call it what you want: revivalist, old fashioned or minimalist even, but one thing is sure: it’s not outdated in any sense. Even though it is a faithful remake, it doesn’t mean it is exactly the same as the original, which it’s not as it adds different components that the original didn’t have, so by all means it is ESSENTIAL to try this one for the historical value it offers and also because, even after almost 10 years, it’s still fresh and up to date, considering all that it did for the gaming community.


Well, I played CS in the beginning, what has this one got that is new?

The major novelty is the Havok physics simulation engine that allows metal objects to shake with the shots, chairs to be pushed and bottles to be shattered, which was not possible in previous versions. Despite having a remarkable influence (do not be surprised with the amount of people playing with the knife just to test the novelty, or shooting at bottles scattered around the map), it could have been incorporated into the game play – have you ever imagined you could topple barrels down the stairs and shoot down terrorists, or push boxes to use them as a shield? The fans would go insane! Fortunately, “Counter-Strike: Source” is an almost exact copy of the original with respect to the playable part. Players have realized the game was incomplete, and even the creators of the game made it clear on that, as more maps, weapons, character models and ordered bots appeared later. However, considering that the game is as if it was one, it is better to see it updated as an embryo of a future product. With TMCheats’ hacks and cheats standing in the balance, it will nevertheless be a whole new experience if you haven’t ever tried them.


Are you saying that TMCheats will offer me a new vision of the game?

Yes, of course! Players who never had contact with TMCheats’ offers before get punched real hard by all the features and insane tricks and treats we offer them. If you can have the best at your disposal, you will definitely not choose some crap over it just because. So, unlimited guns and ammo for them, flashbangs, smoke grenades and fog and the sorts will never be unavailable, as well as many other treats we offer in our huge list.  In fact, CS has some of the most unique hacks we provide to the community, meaning no other site has them, so how’s that for a new vision of the game? Furthermore, the cheats and hacks we provide will enhance your gaming skills so much that after a few days you’ll be able to know every step and every cheat you need at a given situation. Since our efforts are permanently protected by our own defensive measures, you will never get your account closed for using our premium juice: just reload and keep on raising hell!


I’m sold to it! What will I get then to start kicking serious ass?

First of all, you’ll get the result of countless weeks of hard work performed by our coders, which means everything we’ve got available to augment your playing experience will be delivered to you. Then, one of the great reasons to use them is that you can mix and combine all of them with one another, making you virtually untouchable as you’re using the best there is for every occasion. Above all, you’ll get to turn yourself from a random spawn into a perfectly tuned man of war, knowing everything in advance, who is who, what are the enemy plans and how to successfully foil them! Take a look below and start drooling.



If there’s one thing that you need at all times, that thing has to be Aimbot, as this hack list packs all the heat that a demanding player like you needs to have access to at all times, starting with Smooth Aim: this is a cheat that turns all your movements and shots into realistic and legit game play, so you don’t raise flags. Movement prediction comes next, offering you the expected outcome of your enemy’s movements before he himself knows them, which is pure madness as you’ll be always a step ahead of him. Aim Point presents you with a red cross that shows the target’s name, handy when you need to know who needs to be shot, and then you’ve got Auto Switch Target too that is clear enough on what it does. You can use the Visible targets Only Toggle to diminish too much info on the screen and really focus on primary targets, and the Configurable Max Distance, Aim Angle, Prediction Limit and Aim Bones lets you adjust the threshold of your priorities by only paying attention to what really needs to. That’s also the case of Critical distance: this cheat chooses which targets are a priority and which aren’t, alerting you so you can take action. Finally, Visibility Checks for added safety, Penetration Checks to blast enemies through thick concrete and steel walls and Smart Target Selection to improve your killing spree are also included. So, the question is: how ready do you think you are?



This array of cheats is your most well kept secret, as it lets you know things that other people ignore. Player names, distances, skeletons, weapons, health bars, Barrel ESP (that tells you where an enemy is looking at), snap lines to draw straight lines to your enemy, and configurable colors to paint the enemy and your team as well are just what you need. So, if an enemy is sporting a submachine gun, going against him with a knife might prove to be wrong. This type of information is critical to know what is happening with all the players at all times.



You can use the Boxes hack to pinpoint whatever players you need to in 2D or 3D, from enemies to team mates, which will allow you to partake in delicate strategic deployment like a true general!


2D Radar

This cheat shows you all players in the map, and you can configure each with several colors to better prepare for the kill. If you think about it, after some games against the same team you will start to notice tactical patterns, and that will provide you the much valuable intel that you need to destroy those tactics from the beginning. An adjustable Zoom and Scale factor offers you total visibility, and you can also configure the position to better suit your needs.



Since this is a pointing and shooting game, it goes without saying that you need a cross. This hack lets you configure a customizable cross so you can determine its size for pinpoint accuracy, color (so you can use a black aim on a more lighter level and a white on a more darkened one) and structure. It might seem lame, but whenever you’re in the middle of heavy fire coming from different sides and you start looking for your aim, you’ll see why we have included this cheat.



Forget about physics classes, your teacher is wrong. With this offer from TMCheats, your weapons will have no recoil and no spread (the bullets will all hit the same spot), and this will improve your efficient aiming like nothing else; just think of using this hack with Smooth Aim and no one will notice that 6 headshots in a row was due to hacks, but to headshot master for sure! Since we were at it, we figured we could also remove fog, flash and smoke just for you, so you’ll never be blind, dizzy or stunned by any of these. You don’t want us to explain how good these are, do you?



Even if you’re not aware, whenever this hack finds a target, it’s clobbering time! Then, triggerbot shoots your weapon automatically too when an enemy show in your crosshair. Now think SNIPER!



The Warnings hack is a personal and exclusive guardian angel: whenever someone gets too close to you, you’ll know, friend or foe alike. If someone aims at you, you’ll know too. You can configure this crucial cheat for visible and not visible targets, so switching between both will give you a clear picture of who’s around.



These are specific hacks that don’t fit the usual pot of the other cheats, but were too good not to be included for you. The speedhack lets you move like lightning, with configurable hotkeys and speed. Then, the spin hack makes the character spin like he’s on acids and anti-spawn protection for your safety. Other cheats like the Name Stealer (no need to explain) and the bunnyhop might not be the most exciting, but believe us: it’ll make you laugh real hard. All security bypasses have been cleared by us, so don’t worry, your account will NEVER be banned no matter the circumstances.


Profile System

To end, the useful Profile System hacks. This cheat list offers you the chance to load a game that was saved previously after a given situation, and even auto-load it if you will. Obviously, you can save setting and delete them as well to your convenience, and this will provide you the chance to go back or start anew whenever you need to.


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