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Call of Duty Black Ops CHEATS/HACKS/AIMBOT

Get yourself ready to taste the mother of all conspiracies in the form of a computer game. In fact, it is so good that 2010’s Call of Duty Black Ops (aka as CODBO) could very well be a CIA’s wet works 101 book, mixing the cold war, deceit, assassinations, historic moments and that dark, eerie feeling that you have when something smells really, really bad. No wonder this game dethroned MW2 in sales, netting a grotesque $650 million worldwide in the first five days after it was released, and in November 2011 it had sold alone in the United States almost 14 million copies, and 25 million copies in total worldwide, making it the most successful best selling game to date, so yes, you can say it’s as popular as frozen pizza. This Treyarch effort pretty much sums up the best there is about first person shooters with a great story, taking place in the 60’s around the world’s war hotspots of the time: Russia, Cuba, Laos, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Kazakhstan, where every new mission is more insane than the previous, barely leaving you with time to breathe. Then, the main character gets to know icons like John F. Kennedy, Robert McNamara and Fidel Castro too; forget every other game plot: this is a piece of historical heritage all the way. TMCheats was waiting for this game more than payday, so when we got a copy we simply vanished for months in our dark dungeon to crack it, twist it and rip it to bits in order to offer you the best available cheats and hacks on the streets. The time has come, so brace yourself for an insane trip along the cold 60’s, where nothing was what it seemed to be.


Why should you choose Call of Duty Black Ops over other games

Having mentioned all of the above, why should you choose other games over Call of Duty Black Ops?! We’ll get into details anyway: the game still has the experience points and unlockable equipment common to other COD installments, and there are 14 original maps and several dozens more that you can download to significantly enhance the game play and the game’s life time. Augmented personalization of the equipment that you are given contributes too to choosing this game, as customization is so varied and unique that you can even customize camo painting for yourself. The multiplayer mode allows you and your buddies to experience other perks and benefits to rank while you go, making it extremely fun to compete against each other. There are of course other differences that will make you want to play the game, but this is clearly our favorite so far: there’s a map called Call of the Dead, sporting (wait for it!) ZOMBIES! What’s more fun is that you will be able to play with characters resembling Danny Trejo (the Mexican badass starring in Machete), Sarah Michelle Gellar (that’s the hot chick that plays Buffy, The Vampire Slayer), Robert Englund (the mythical maniac that interpreted Freddy Krueger in all the A Nightmare on Elm Street classic movies) and also the very hot Michael Rooker (hot as in Merle from the AMC’s The walking Dead series). All in all, this gem presents you many possibilities that other games don’t, and if you’re using TMCheats, then you will have the world served on a platter with salt and pepper on the sides. Oh yes, you’ll be stuffed!


There’s simply no comparison with those that use TMCheats

Presumptions apart, we’re very sure of what we deliver to you and what will it make of you in a very short time span, after all it’s our work we’re talking about. Be it guns, info, awareness or whatsoever you might need from the game, it will be there exclusively for you, providing an insane edge over any other player that does not use our homemade hacks sprinkled with plenty of icing sugar. The game play experience will be enhanced in all the critical factors that you’ll dispose, and that in turn will save you plenty of time mastering the game and going pro, so forget about dwelling months long with our candy, as in a matter of a few days you’ll be a nutcase firestarter with all the bragging that comes along with the glory. Fuck humbleness as long as you’re able to walk the walk.


This is what we have in store exclusively for your needs

Above all else, let us tart by saying that what we value foremost is your account, so much so that we have devised sophisticated top of the line measures against anti-cheating applications like Punkbuster, VAC and the likes. Whatever they tell you, trust no one and deny everything, as those secure and unbreakable apps are so good that… we broke them and eluded them. This means that you can use our fresh baked pastry and stuff yourself with no fear of busting your account, in a nutshell. Then, the use of our cheats and hacks will develop your skills very fast and steady, so if there are more experienced and even better payers on the game than you, they’ll be in for a very long day when you join the games online, as the difference is just staggering and unfair. Without further delay, check what we have stashed for you below.



This list of cheats is the holy grail of any serious player, and it certainly will be the most used when you face the heat in CODBO. There’s Bullet Drop Correction for clean and precise sharpshooting, as the normal ballistic rules won’t apply to you. Then, the smart Movement Prediction hack allows you to know the most probable spot where your enemy will land, and knowing that in advance is an ensured kill. Aim point lets you sport a red crosshair that will show the target’s name whenever he’s aimed at and Auto-Switch Target and Visible Targets Only can be toggled on or off for personal convenience. There are several customizable settings available for your needs too: Configurable Max distance lets you choose a specific length of action, and the Configurable Aim Angle limits the Aimbot’s aim vector for more precision; then, the Configurable Prediction Limit delimits an area of your choice for the closest targets, and finally Configurable Aim Bones adds for further precision as you can get to choose which bone to aim at. Add all the above mentioned to Critical Distance (that prioritizes targets within a specific distance), Visibility Checks (that reinforce your awareness), Penetration Checks so you can be safe while playing, Smart Target Selection for additional accuracy and preferred targets and the funky Auto Wall, that lets you shove lead onto any bastard that has the bad idea of hiding behind walls, and you have the most complete war chest west of North Korea. Make no mistake: without Aimbot, it wouldn’t make any sense.



On the battlefield, whoever knows more about his enemy has a major chance of not only winning the battle, but the war itself too. This hack offers you that exactly: information on your enemy’s name, his distance, his skeleton, his rank icon, the weapon he is using, the way he is looking at with Barrel ESP and it also draws a line from your position to the enemy so coordinates aren’t a problem (Snap lines). This will prove to be a much valued hack list as it lets you make tough decisions like attacking or defending, stalking or fleeing and comparing ranks and weapons between you and your victim. Tactical gets a whole new meaning with ESP, and the best part is it’s just for you. You can also configure different colors for the enemy and your team as well, be it for visible or not visible units.


Object ESP

This is exactly the same hack as ESP, but destined for equipment and weaponry. Explosive ESP lets you find grenades, semtex and other explosives as well, while Sphere ESP provides circling the impact of an explosion in a determined area with customizable colors. Weapons ESP shows you dropped weapons all over the map, and the handy Chopper/Plane/Turret ESP gives you information on all the vehicles and structures present in the game too. Whatever you need to know or have, this is the ultimate trick for looting players that are in need of weapons, ammo or vehicles… or all of them really!



This cheat provides you the opportunity to mark each player with a box, be it in your team or the enemy team. You can configure it to better see who’s who on the map and avoid a steeped price mistake by shooting at your team mates, for instance.


2D Radar

When you thought it couldn’t get any better, on come 2D Radar to blow your mind with its power. 2D radar lets you see ALL players on the map, and you can configure colors to make strategic decisions; furthermore, it provides you a Zoom/Scale Factor for enhanced control of the entire map, as well as a Configurable Position. Imagine knowing all the plans and movement patterns of your enemy: this will clearly tell you which tactic is he using against you, and if you know the tactic… you just have to foil it with a counter-tactic that will win you the game. In time, you’ll see how powerful this cheat can be, even though it’s so low tech and simple.



As you know, if you don’t hit your enemy, he will hit you for sure. This is what the game is all about: you shoot, you hit, and you win. Sometimes, you know too well too that during a messy hotspot with explosions and guns blazing in all directions it’s very easy to lose track of your cross, and that’s a no-no in any situation, as you must be prepared to shoot anything that moves within milliseconds. This hack then provides you a customizable color, structure and size cross so your focus is always maxed and so brief (but critical) details like losing track of your aim don’t ruin your game at any time.



Speaking of details, you often see noobs losing a battle for not being able to control the recoil and spread of their weapon, as in fact it takes a considerable amount of play and practice to master these two bugging realistic features. Well, no more! We decided to remove them so your accuracy is as sharp as a Hattori Hanzo fine muramasa sword. May the beheading… ups, the headshots begin, we mean!



In short, Auto Fire will fire when your Aimbot acquires a target, so you might be a bit asleep, but this hack will not, working as a great wake up call.



We know you always wanted to have a super-sense that could tell you about what’s happening on your vicinity to warn you about impending danger, so this is your chance right here! The warnings hack warns if someone breaches your security perimeter, be it friend or foe, so you don’t get surprised by some sneaky bastard camper or stalker. If someone aims at you, you’ll also be warned, which is great to know you’re not alone and hide, and you can configure these for visible and not visible targets. Now, if you add this cheat to the 2D Radar for example, nothing will ruin your sunny day as you’ll be always aware.


Profile System

Finally, the cheat list that lets you save, load, delete and auto-load games according to your needs. We both know that sometimes you’d rather start the game away from a complicated hotspot, so just pick your new starting point, save the game and, whenever you need it, load or auto-load it so you can start from scrap free of danger. As you have a deletable option, when you’re done just delete the settings and it’s a brand new day.


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