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Medal of Honor 2010 CHEATS/HACKS/AIMBOT

Good morning soldier. My name is Colonel Drucker, welcome to Afghanistan; I hope you had a shitty flight, as things will not get easier around here. Put your helmet on, lock your M16A4 and get ready to rock and roll. Your contacts have already been assigned: U.S. Navy Seal Rabbit, U.S. Army Ranger Specialist Dante Adams, Delta Force sniper Deuce and Aviation Regiment Captain Brad Hawkins. I trust you can remember those names as I will not say them again. These fine gentlemen will escort you to the rendezvous point, the Sha-i-kot Valley, where you will await for further instructions. Godspeed son, and give them hell.

Brace yourself, for the realism of DICE / Danger Close Games’ Medal of Honor 2010 will make you feel like one of the main characters in the game. Released in October 2010, the game sold 5 million copies in its first month, proving to be a massive commercial success, especially since MOH, like a sleeper cell, was inactive for several years. The story takes place in 2001in Afghanistan, in the Helmand Province, and your mission is to portray an operative from a U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group, call sign Neptune, and fight the Taliban while at it: you’ll raid enemy hideouts, rescue hostages from hostile forces and will take part in undercover operations. We were expecting this game for a long time at TMCheats, not only to play it but, of course, to crack it open in order to provide you the best cheats and hacks available west side of Kabul, and let’s be honest: if you want to be the best, you can’t mix with the rest. Our idea, thus, is to offer you cheats that will turn you into a top of the food chain Godzilla, always ready to smash the underlings that crawl at your feet.


What is your idea about Medal of Honor 2010? Should I go for it?

Definitely! The reasons are many and valid: first of all, and as above, the game has been stagnant for some years now, and this is a great chance to see the new approach taken. Then, the conditions offered are just too good to be ignored. For instance, you have three specialized available classes in the Coalition, Rifleman, Special Ops, and Sniper, and these three will be armed to the teeth with the latest high tech weaponry available: the M16A4, the M4A1, the M21, the M9 pistol, etc. that will be able to hole mountains down when the heat comes. Then, you can also play as a member of the Opposing Forces (basically, it’s the Taliban faction), with staple weaponry like the AK-47, AKS-74U, SVD, RPG-7 and the Tariq pistol. As you can see, you’re well served in both parties. The modes are Hot Zone (a king of the hill like mode) and Kill Sweep (a ‘free for all’ mode where the last standing man wins). It definitely pays off as the game is interesting, is mature enough, it possesses a good engine and a brilliant story that is convincing and well represented too and is certainly a good way of spending your next few years addicted to it, as we are. Of course, we use our own TMCheats cheats and hacks, and that’s why when we play it there’s never a dull moment in the house.


But why play with your hacks and cheats and not the real thing?

Good question. Why drive a carriage when you have a Ferrari in your garage? Or why should you choose to wear a baseball bat in a gunfight? In the end, it’s all a matter of performance: if you want to reach a goal, you won’t opt for the worst option, but for the best! With our hacks and cheats you save plenty of precious time, as you won’t have to spend countless months developing the awareness you need to excel at MOH 2010, but rather a few days. Furthermore, by using them you’ll have access to the best that the game has to offer, from unlimited guns and ammo supplies to premium information and data that other players are simply clueless about, not to mention the fact that TMCheats provides you unique hacks unavailable anywhere else. Then, it all comes to security too: we offer you a security system tested to oblivion so your account is always operational, as our coders put a great deal of effort in protecting your most valuable asset. In short, you’ll have what we call THE EDGE: better equipment, better knowledge and thus a better playing experience. This being said, the only thing the game is missing to run with full force is you. And we know you’re foaming off your mouth for a piece of the action!


That’s good. What will I get and what are my options using the cheats? 

Simple: you’ll get EVERYTHING, and your options are LIMITLESS. TMCheats’ MOH 2010 cheats and hacks are an extension of yourself as a serious gamer, so in fact we offer you everything you’ll need to become a master of war, turning you into a pro in the blink of an eye, without the need for time consuming training. Check all the juice available below and good luck (to your opponents).



In simple terms, this is your lifeboat, so hang on to it with tooth and nail. This hack offers you an array of cheats like Bullet Drop Correction that makes you hit your target without having to think about the laws of physics; then, the much valued Movement Prediction: do you think knowing where your enemy will land will be an advantage? Dumb question of course as this hack predicts his movement so you can plan ahead. Along with it you can set a Configurable Prediction Limit, so you only get info on the enemies that are close to you, and you can also define a firing threshold with the Configurable Max Distance cheat, that will be useful to select nearby targets and avoid distant enemies. Visibility Checks allows for extra security, while Penetration Checks is a raping cheat that lets you dust enemies behind concrete walls and other structures, making no place a safe place for them to hide. Finally, we top it off with the Smart Target Selection hack that prioritizes which enemy is the first to fall, regarding his importance or menace to you.



‘If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles’, so said Sun Tzu in his seminal treaty ‘The Art of War’. You obviously know yourself, and with this hack you’ll know everything that you need about your enemy: his name, his class, what weapon is he using, how’s his health and, best of all, you can also configure a color for visible and invisible foes, as well for your team if you choose to. It’s obviously insane, as you can determine if your enemy is a good target to go for or if you should avoid him in order to not get busted. In the end, you’ll know so much about the bitch that he’ll call you daddy from now on.



Boxes are your friends, be it for players or for the vehicles. Ammo, health and vehicle patches are what the game’s all about really, as without any of these you’ll be toast in a few minutes. With this cheat, you can customize your team and your own health bars too, as well as your enemies’. Knowing where things will be marked with a box is a great way of succeeding as you’ll never miss a thing, so pay attention to this hack.


2D radar

This is the ultimate hack in all senses, as it allows you to see who is who and what is what in the entire map, be it foe, and ally or a vehicle. As time goes by and you progress, you’ll start to notice that this or that team is constantly making the same movements and applying the same techniques, and if you know their strategy all you have to do is to create your counter-tactic to blast the living shit out of them. You can configure each spot on the map with a different color for your own convenience, and so you can play God we also devised a Zooming / Scaling factor for you to grasp the whole map.



You know that sometimes, usually when you need it the most, your crosshair vanishes magically from your sight, and that’s rule number one if want to stay alive: ALWAYS KNOW WHERE YOUR CROSS IS! Talking is easy: try seeing your cross when there’s an Apache coming down on you full throttle. Right! That’s why we implemented this hack: you can configure its color, its size and its structure to better suit your battle needs. Don’t forget the game is all about shooting others, so no cross = good luck.



Whenever you shoot your gun, there are two omnipresent characteristics to ruin your aim: recoil (sometimes called kickback or kick) and spread (the shaking of the gun when it’s being fired, that is). We know it sucks, so we made it a thing of the past by removing them both and allowing you to never miss a target because of physics. One shot, one kill, ALWAYS.



If there’s a hack that never lets you down, that hack must certainly be Warnings. This cheat lets you know if someone gets too near to your adjustable circle of protection, and when someone does this hack lets you know that and what weapon is he carrying (which lets you know instantly if it’s a friend or a foe). The beauty of the cheat is that it also acts as a counter-measure for someone stalking you: the stalker becomes the prey and vice-versa, as you can use it to delineate a strategy to kill the stalker. If, on the other hand, you are spotted by a far away sniper, whenever he points his rifle at you you’ll be warned too for maximum safety, and you can configure this for visible and non-visible players too.


Auto Knife & Auto Fire

Both hacks function alike. Auto Knife is preferred if you need to kill an enemy silently, and you can configure an adjustable distance for your convenience; when following a strict array of rules, Auto Fire will never let you down, as you will always hit your target no matter what! You can configure your target’s max speed and acceleration as well for a sharper accuracy, and if you want you can also adjust a Configurable Max Distance to let you know if the target is worth the shot or not.


Spectate Mode

This fun but also handy mode lets you walk around the map paying attention to your surroundings wherever you may be, which is great to gather intelligence about a specific blind spot for instance. You can configure the speed at which you move, too.


 Profile System

This cheat lets you save a mission you have just successfully passed or load a specific game moment for whatever reason you might need. With it, say goodbye to frustrating restarts or the same old deaths again and again when you were so close to finishing your objective.



Then, there’s Anti-Punkbuster. Punkbuster is an application that “supposedly” should stop hacks and cheats, but our state of the art counter-defensive measures prove to be too much for it, as we successfully bypassed all the features of this program to provide you what you need the most when using our goodies: an active account. Our Anti-Punkbuster system is the ultimate line of defense against it, and we can humbly say it does the job and then some. Fear not, as our Anti-Punkbuster hack has been tested relentlessly in several games using Punkbuster, and the result is unsurprisingly always the same: Punkbuster gets punked!


It’s not always fun and games; sometimes, it’s much more than that! Check to see what we mean!

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