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Battlefield Heroes AIMBOT/ HACKS / CHEATS

One could say that Battlefield Heroes is a niche game; after all, it’s a war game based on… cartoons, so what should we expect from this? In all honesty, most people thought DICE was really pushing it, as there was enough good first person shooters already flooding the market, but at least they were serious games, with real graphics and game play, not to mention the cool environment those games created. Guess what? Most people was redundantly WRONG, as Battlefield Heroes proved to be a massively popular fps, maybe because of the cartoons, maybe because of a less difficulty demanding game, but in the end it payed off big time for both the company and gamers alike. The game allows you to pick one of two armies, the National Army and the Red Army, and it recreates WWII in its essence. You can also choose your class: a soldier (with mid-stats like speed, health and weaponry but that’s a medic), a gunner (which has a very high health and is armed to the teeth but that is sluggishly slow) or a commando (that even though possesses a low health, it’s the speediest character and it’s also a knife expert, which by itself is a win). As usual, there are two game modes, capture the flag and “Conquest V2”, in which you have to take hold of a missile for 5 minutes to win the game. Besides the funny and wacky cartoon action, BF Heroes provides much strategy to make it more appealing, and that’s where we at TMCheats come in. You see, we couldn’t just stand and do nothing about this game, as it turned into a classic soon enough at our secret bunker, so what better way to honor it as the game it turned out to be than by offering you and all other players the best cheats and hacks this side of the trenches? The difference between with our cheats and without our cheats is just insane, so check them out to see what we mean.


What are the main differences in Battlefield Heroes?

The most obvious and visible one is its graphics. I mean, except for the vehicles, all players reminds us of funky cartoonish GI Joe’s and the rest of the graphics as also, as they were specifically created to resemble cartoons, with glossy colors included, weapons’ size out of proportion, etc. Besides, the vehicles in the game are replicas of real World War II ones, like 2 light tanks that are really alike the M4 Sherman and the Panzer for instance, and finally you can use points that you win here and there by completing game missions that will provide you special weapons available at the online game store. We actually don’t care that there aren’t much more different items or characters or news, as the cartoon graphics are hilarious enough to keep us interested in the long run.


In that case, how will I benefit from using your cheats and hacks?

You can think of TMCheats’ hacks as steroids if you will: your character will get big, mean and chunky, always ready to raise hell since now it’s pumped up with health, weapons, information no other player will have, tactics… I mean, how can you not benefit from it? If you want to dive in the game head first, you’ll have to dedicate tons and tons of hours to live the best experience possible, and still you’ll have to keep on practicing after you become a good player in order to not get rusty. Using TMCheats’ tricks, a couple of days will suffice for you to grasp everything that is needed to succeed as a mean mutha, always ready, always alert, without being raped if you spawn in the middle of a hotspot, etc. Besides all this, our security bypassing scripts assures you that no matter what, your account will be always safe and active as we protect its integrity at the same time you cause chaos without having to think about it; after all, unparalleled hacks and cheats demand unparalleled security measures.


It sounds promising. What are your goodies then?

Our TMCheats’ hacks and cheats are the product of thousands of hours invested in coding, cracking and hacking the most sophisticated games so we could come up with an alternative for hardcore players to express themselves without restrictions or shackles of any kind. By doing that, we ripped the game’s code from the inside out to deliver you the best there is on the internet when it comes to cheats. In a manner of speaking, the experience we provide you is the same as if DICE created a customized version of the game just for you, if you know what we mean. Speaking of DICE, and like we told you above, we are all aware of their security and anti-cheat policies, but fear not: when we say we ripped the game, we mean that we obviously took a great effort in bypassing the game’s watchdog, which allows us to assure you that no matter how much you use the hacks, be it one at a time or all combined, you’ll never get your account seized, which is the ultimate goal of our mission at the same time we offer you the fun you are looking for. So, are you ready to open the treasure chest? Good, let’s go then.



Battlefield Heroes’ Aimbot is fluffier than in most other games, as it also provides a hack that lets you aim at stealthy players like snipers or campers and other idiots of the same kind. You have to agree that snipping a sniper is the ultimate ownage, so this is included as well. Besides, you can also count with the game’s most drastic hack ever, the Bullet Drop Correction cheat, which removes the recoil from your thunder stick so your aim is pristine at all times, making you always hit the target. Movement prediction is also a staple that we emphasize all the time as it offers you the much needed info of where will the enemy move, trajectories and directions, which is almost the same as having a sixth sense. Then, we add frame compensation for visual effect, configurable max distance to regulate your shots and configurable aim angle too for cleaner kills. Another hack is the configurable Prediction Limits, which lets you focus on the movements of the targets that really count. Configurable Aim Bones and Visibility Checks are the thin sugar coating of the cake, and damn we know you’re starving!




Let’s talk about intel, soldier! As you know, information is only valuable if it can be used in a certain time and space, like everyday’s news on a newspaper, and it becomes valueless if it can’t be used, like reading the news of a newspaper from 1980. So, if fresh information is gold, how much do you think that critical information that hasn’t yet be released is worth? It’s worth lives, you got that right! Meet the ESP hack, the intel feeder you’ve been dreaming about since forever: this smart cheat lets you know all other players’ names, their class, weapon and health status. So, you’re a commando and the enemy player you are trying to ambush one-on-one is a gunner… right, bad idea! Since you know his class and health status, you can use the best war tactic in this case: avoid him! Finally, you can configure the enemy team’s color as well as your own for convenient marking and spotting, which will clearly inform you of strategic movements done by the enemy and will allow you to recognize your buddies easily.



No first person shooter would be complete without refreshments, aka boxes. Boxes provide you ammo, weapons, health and all kinds of goodies that you’ll always need to step up your game any time. Be it for you or for a vehicle that needs to be patched, whenever you need them they’ll be there, so no more unneeded deaths when you don’t have a med patch around to heal yourself. Absolutely critical!


2D radar

And then, there was light! 2D radar is simply the most efficient flare to see EVERYTHING on the map, from single players, to players’ and vehicles formations. Imagine that your opponent is thinking of flanking you by the right and left wings of your position; let him think that, leave a couple of scattered units where you stand and retreat with the rest of your military mass nearby. When your opponent arrives at your location and closes in to destroy the scattered vehicles you left there as bait, just bombard the living shit out of him! This basic example is one of thousands that will very happily use 2D radar, as you’ll have quite an edge by being the sole owner of the map, won’t you? Besides showing you all units, this hack also lets you configure the color of the enemy and your own team’s, not to say you can also configure a zoom and scale factor that will let you see things in a perspective that your opponent can’t even fathom. Add this cheat to the ESP one and it’s plain madness.



Whatever changes in the military, one thing is certain as death: without a cross, your weapon is as worthless as gold in the desert, as no cross means no boom boom. On the other hand, even if you’re a seasoned and weathered pro, you know too well that sometimes, in the middle of a massive close combat battle, you have good chances of losing track of your cross, and that is simply unthinkable. That’s why we offer you this hack as well, as you’ll be able to configure a color for your cross, its size and also its structure. Unless you’re so good that you’ll enter a gun and cannon fight with a knife, this is really one of those cheats you cannot afford to neglect.



You know how Spider-Man always avoids certain doom by being warned by his natural Spidey-sense that tingles every time he is in eminent danger? If you didn’t, now you do, as you’ll also be able to use your own spider-sense with our Warnings hacks ad cheats. The main reason for using this feature is to let you know who’s playing on your backyard, with what weapons and if he is aiming at you or not. You’ll just have to configure each setting to your like to avoid being bit in the ass, as no campers will get you off-guard ever again with this personal bodyguard. Besides protecting, it’s also a very efficient solo aggressive measure, as you can scout for stray cats and kick their asses in the process.


Auto Knife

Whether you’re a sadistic fuck or simply a strategist that knows too well when the knife is the perfect tool for the job, the Auto Knife hack will be much valuable as it stabs players automatically, reducing the chances of a miss. Furthermore, you can configure your own customizable distance to use it to a greater effect. It’s silent, deadly and accurate.


Profile System

This cheat offers you the possibility of saving and loading crucial games to avoid being raped over and over again in hard times. This means you won’t be having any more recovery nightmares: just save when the task is done and load it at your convenience when you need it the most.



Now for the grand finale: it’s never enough to refer how valuable is this hack, as your account always comes first to our minds at TMCheats, so we implemented security measures that would make Fort Knox’s own look amateurish. There’re no ifs or buts: no matter what happens, this is your seal of warranty that offers you peace of mind while owning your enemies online, as your account will never get banned thanks to our efforts and knowledge.


Have you got any questions or doubts? Hit us up at for complete information on what we provide.

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